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The Davenport Library’s existing website was missing key pieces of functionality. An outdated content management system made maintenance of the site unwieldy, and as a result the site’s information architecture was not well organized. Visitors found it difficult to access the library’s robust offering of online resources because navigation was difficult, and the site did not function when accessed from tablets and mobile devices.


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Davenport Public Library
Davenport Public Library Website


Informatics identified Concrete 5 as a user-friendly content management system that could be easily accessed and updated by the Davenport Public Library team members after their updated website launched. The Informatics web development team used tools native to Concrete 5 as well as writing custom code to ensure that a “Virtual Library” experience would be available to all visitors on a fully responsive site that functioned across all devices. Additionally, the information architecture of the website was streamlined. The number of active pages was reduced dramatically, including eliminating over 100 low content pages that harmed the Davenport Library’s SEO scores.

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