Video & Photography

Powerful stories are shown, not told.

The internet is a crowded place. Creative storytelling together with high quality photography and video transforms ideas into experiences, creating powerful emotional bonds with customers and setting you apart from the rest.

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Video & Photography services

Video & Storytelling

Social video generates 1200% more shares than posts that use text and posts that use static images combined. Our video production services focus on creating content that your audience can’t help but share with their friends – we transform customers into passionate brand advocates.

Informatics’ experienced creatives are pushing the boundaries of video marketing, moving beyond traditional sales pitches that the sophisticated viewer can tune out too easily. We couch your message in story, creating undeniable emotional connections that drive sales.

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Our web development team expertly focuses on User Experience, but the larger Informatics team is equally devoted to the client experience. Our award-winning artists provide all the services of a photography agency. We aren’t just a one-stop shop for All Things Internet – we have you covered for all things marketing.

A fully integrated media services package ensures that your brand identity is being communicated boldly, effectively, consistently and with maximum efficiency.

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The Informatics media team prepares a live stream session

Live Streaming & Podcasting

Webcasting, with Facebook live streams and YouTube, can give your business the magic bullet for increasing a brand’s authenticity and a sense of immediacy. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. Our professional live streaming services will help you develop content that your audience won’t want to miss, creating community and an infectious enthusiasm for your products.

Podcasts are a powerful tool for demonstrating your brand voice and sharing your expertise with your audience in an engaging way. Our podcasting services help brands connect, communicate, and engage with their customers on an intimate level.

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A collection of animated characters from an Informatics produced explainer video

Animation & Motion Graphics

We help you and your customers imagine a vibrant and playful world where the possibilities are only limited by our collective imaginations.

Sounds a little too abstract and artsy? Every service offered at Informatics is process driven and outcome obsessed. We understand your audience and your desired business outcomes. An animated video can be used for detailed how-to videos, an attention-grabbing YouTube advertisement, and more.  The potential can’t be contained.

Our experienced designers can add highly polished motion graphics to your existing video assets, new campaigns, and even optimize these exciting visual elements into your website as part of a cohesive branding effort.

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