Animation & Motion Graphics

“Come with me / and you’ll be / in a world of pure imagination.”
– Willy Wonka

A collage of motion graphic software on computer screens

Graphic Design Agency

World-class graphic design is the same as great drama. Designers and dramatists both raise thought-provoking questions that prompt a specific audience to re-evaluate a situation. The questions are then answered in ways that feel both surprising and inevitable.

The visual artists at Informatics capture the heart of this notion. Our detailed discovery process leads to a deeply ingrained understanding of your business and the outcomes you desire. We then work together to drive your customers to take action.

A traditional graphic design agency focuses exclusively on creating assets that communicate in a static state – anyone can make a pretty picture. Informatics utilizes the most contemporary technology to create attention-grabbing kinetic images. Because at the core we’re all basically happy kittens distracted by shiny moving objects.

An animated gif of an animated logo bumper

Motion Graphics

You’ve probably seen a blog where the authors have used spot bolding to draw the reader’s attention. Well, motion graphics can serve the same purpose with an additional dash of flair.

Motion graphics contribute to a cohesive media strategy that unifies all of your branded materials. They can be incorporated into your website, videos, and adapted into GIFs for inclusion in emails or sharing on social media. Motion graphics can help your audience make sense of statistics or draw their eyes to vital content.

If there’s a need to inform or delight the eye, motion graphics can help you reach the goal.


When it comes to telling your brand story, sometimes real people pose a problem – because you have to get them to do things!

Animated videos open up a new world of possibilities, with unlimited characters, locations, and narrative possibilities. The only constraints are the edges of your imagination. Every element is within the artists’ controls so your message is shared with ultimate clarity.

An animated video, for use on your website, as a YouTube explainer series, or in conjunction with a content marketing campaign, unlocks a sense of joy and wonder in your audience. Any subject can be brightened!

Additional Services