3 Must-Try SEO Tips for Professional Associations

May 28, 2015 | Search Engine Optimization

Professional associations can benefit from SEO in a number of ways: reaching new members, educating the public, keeping your business top-of-mind.

3 SEO Tips for Professional Associations

Whether or not you think new leads are finding you through search, SEO is still important. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving your web presence online and your rankings in search engine results. It is an ongoing process that requires a lot of leg work, but can also grow your business in no time. Professional associations can benefit from SEO in a number of ways: reaching new members, educating the public, keeping your business top-of-mind. Here are 3 tips to help you improve your SEO strategy and grow your presence online.

1. Develop a Link Kit and Strategy

Link-building is a vital component of SEO. Search engines view links as votes and the more websites linking back to you, the better! However, it is important to keep in mind that quantity of links isn’t all that matters. The quality of the link counts as well.

In order to increase the quantity and quality of the links pointing to your website, we recommend that you develop a link kit. A link kit is a digital package with your logo and information on how to use it as well as code for linking back to your website. Link kits make it easy for other people to place your logo on their website and link back to you. With members from a variety of different companies, you have the unique opportunity to increase your links. Ask your members to place your logo on their website to signify that they are members of your organization. Individuals can also link to your website from their personal blogs or LinkedIn pages.

2. Claim and Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business is part of the Google+ social media platform that helps you manage your business listing both on the social platform and in search results. By claiming your business and keeping your listing up-to-date, you are able to control the conversation. Have you ever searched for a business and noticed the listing on the right hand side of your Google search results? It usually includes a picture, map, link to your website, hours of operation, and more. This is your Google My Business Listing, and you can control what it says.

If you haven’t already, search for your business listing and verify that you own it. Once you have access, you can add in your basic organization information such as your location and hours. The most important thing is that you get everything accurate and up-to-date.

3. Review and Update Your Website Meta Tags

Meta tags are important pieces of code in your HTML (the code for your website that communicates to browsers how your website should display). The two most important Meta tags are the Page Title and Meta Description. A page title quickly summarizes what a page is about and can be found in the browser tab, on social media posts, and as a hyperlink in search results. The Meta description is a paragraph summarizing the page content and can be found on social media posts and beneath the hyperlinked page title in search results.

Check to see if all of your pages have Meta Tags. Many content management systems allow you to easily see which pages do and do not have tags. Verify that all of the Meta tags you have are unique. When updating your Meta tags, work to incorporate keywords throughout. Page titles should be less than 55 characters while descriptions should be less than 155. If your organization name is important to your branding, include it at the end of each page title (i.e. National Professional Association | Informatics Inc.).

Link-building, Meta tags, and social media are just a few important aspects of a search engine optimization strategy. To learn more about SEO or to get started, contact Informatics.

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