What We Do

Make tracking and analytics a foundational part of your strategy

We know it takes knowledge and insight to strategize effectively. Our seasoned analytics experts understand where and how to look for the latest information and data, giving your business a competitive edge.

We are well-versed in data clarity—gathering, analyzing, and capitalizing on the data your marketing and website generate. From implementing tracking events to designing custom reporting dashboards through Google Data Studio, our data analysts can do it all.

Our Specialties

  • Google Analytics (UA and GA4)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Pixel Creation & Deployment
  • Google Data Studio
  • Data Clarity & Visualizations
  • In-Depth Research & Analysis

"Informatics is very detail oriented and they know what it takes to be successful with digital media."

- Doug Marquardt, Lil' Drug Store Products


The share of marketers that say data is their organization’s most underutilized asset. (Invesp)


The share of marketers interpreting data incorrectly and getting poor results. (Marketing Evolution)

How We Do It


Google Analytics (UA and GA4)

Our analytics experts use Google's UA and GA4 platforms to monitor and quantify your webite's performance. Gain insights about your site health, channel acquisition, and other metrics to improve SEO and the user experience.


Google Tag Manager

Proper tagging is the foundation of tracking and analytics. Informatics' analytics experts use Google Tag Manager to organize your tags, allowing us to accurately track users and craft more targeted marketing campaigns.

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Pixel Creation & Deployment

Our analytics experts can create tracking pixels, which identify a host of valuable information about web visitors. That data can then be used to make decisions about site layout, ad placements, and your overall marketing strategy.


Google Data Studio

We use Google Data Studio to create custom visual reports that highlight key statistics in real-time. See web traffic, email open rates, page conversions, or any other data important to your brand, all at a glance.


Data Clarity & Visualizations

Data can be overwhelming. That’s why our digital marketing analysts are experts in communicating the numbers. Our goal is to guide clients through the data, and to answer the “why” and “how” questions along the way.


In-Depth Research & Analysis

It's not just reports: Our analytics experts offer optimization recommendations informed by marketing trends and industry benchmarks. Our research ensures clients are setting the right goals and taking advantage of the latest tools.

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