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Podcasts and other audio projects can be a powerful and engaging tool for demonstrating and sharing your expertise with your audience. From formally structured and scripted shows to more casual discussions on industry topics, we can help your business connect and communicate with your customers in a new way. Local or remote, we can set up the infrastructure for the conversation and capture it in crystal-clear quality. 

Whether we’re pairing our broadcast-grade audio production services with video production, producing audio-only projects, or developing ads for podcasts or Spotify, we have the knowledge and the capabilities to get your voice heard. 

Our Specialties

  • Voice-Overs 
  • Podcast Production
  • Spotify & Podcast Advertising 

"I think that my favorite part was working with the staff at Informatics to understand all of the things that a webcast could do for our organization.  It wasn’t an avenue that we had really explored, but it allowed us to reach so many more people than we normally do at an event, and to interact with them in a bi-directional way."

-Chris Buresh, Board Member, CHI Haiti


Share of Americans who listened to a podcast in 2021. (Statista)


Number of Spotify ad-supported monthly active users in 2020. (Statista)

How We Do It



Our state-of-the-art sound booth and recording studio can capture your brand voice precisely, or we can supply voice-overs for your project. Finish your video with professional narration and sound.



Whether you’re planning a limited run or regular series, our media experts can produce a high-quality business podcast. After recording, we'll distribute it to the top platforms, including Spotify, Apple, Stitcher and more. 


Spotify & Podcast Advertising 

With listenership on the rise and targeting techniques improving, it’s a great time to advertise on podcasts. Let our Digital Marketing team place your ad in the ears of the right audience with Spotify and podcast ads.

Ready to elevate your audio production? 

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