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Boost your digital marketing strategy through solid data and storytelling 

Gone are the days when Google Ads and social media campaigns were enough to keep your sales pipeline full—effective digital marketing requires a comprehensive, multi-channel approach that reaches the right audiences at the right times. From creating impactful podcast ads to geofencing to coordinating social influencers, Informatics’ team can make sure your brand story resonates with customers in your targeted geographic or interest area.

Need help making your products stand out on major ecommerce platforms like Amazon or Walmart Marketplace? Our ecommerce experts can also create and manage impactful ad campaigns that drive conversions and build customer loyalty. Don’t waste your ad spend on guesses—let us help you maximize your budget and generate real results.

Our Specialties

  • Spotify Advertising
  • Podcast Advertising
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Walmart Marketplace
  • Geofencing
  • Influencer Marketing

“We trust Informatics for the expertise and full-service approach. Any service that is doing its job, plus saving us time and money, is an easy decision.”

– Douglas Hass, Sales Manager, Future Systems


ROAS on Amazon Marketplace for a regional apparel retailer.


Store visits generated for a major retailer from geofencing ads.

How We Do It


Spotify Advertising

Target Spotify’s massive audience of listeners. Our Digital Marketing and Media teams can develop powerful Spotify ads that capture attention and drive action. 


Podcast Advertising

Podcasts are exploding in popularity and attract passionate audiences. Our media production experts can create podcast ads for Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn and other platforms that spur action and boost visibility.


Amazon Marketplace

Boost your ecommerce strategy on the most popular shopping platform. Informatics can help you make the most of your listings, from developing sponsored product ads to optimizing your Amazon Storefront. 


Walmart Marketplace

Compete with top brands in one of the leading ecommerce platforms with Walmart Marketplace advertising. Allow our ecommerce specialists to optimize your storefront and drive online sales in a whole new arena.



Reach the customers you want at the exact right moment with Informatics’ geofencing capabilities. Show targeted ads to your customers when they enter a location, and then drill down further with secondary targeting like age or income.


Influencer Marketing

With influencer and peer-to-peer marketing, it’s all about who you know. We can help you identify potential social media influencers and coordinate campaigns to get the most out of these forms of trust-based marketing.

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