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Sit back and watch as our digital marketers increase product exposure and sales.

Affiliate marketing is a business partnership where a retailer engages with market influencers to help advertise their products online. The retailer (you) reaps huge profits as new industry areas are infiltrated, and the affiliate partners receive a commission for their efforts. 

As a fast-growing industry, affiliate marketing is the perfect addition to any ecommerce marketing plan. And we make it easy! Our affiliate specialists have experience building and managing multi-million-dollar affiliate programs as well as working directly with top publishers like Rakuten, Honey, and RetailMeNot. All you have to do is watch as the sales come in. 

Our Specialities

  • Publisher Recruitment 
  • Publisher Relationship Management 
  • Promotion Management 

“The Informatics team is an indispensable part of our affiliate marketing program. Their expertise and attention to detail are astounding, and the team will often go above and beyond to help us achieve our goals. I cannot recommend them strongly enough.”

Justin Brunner, Digital Advertising Coordinator, Blain’s Farm & Fleet 


Average affiliate ROAS.


Revenue generated in 1 year. 

How We Do It


Publisher Recruitment 

The team at Informatics is constantly scouting exciting new affiliates, recruiting both inside and outside your Networking Platform. As we grow your program, elite publishers and rising stars will start to seek you out for profitable partnerships. 


Publisher Relationship Management 

Experienced in successfully managing large networks of business associates, we understand that the relationship is everything. Reliable communication keeps your needs on the front of the publishers’ minds and in return, they drive your sales. 


Promotion Management  

Our experts know the factors that go into growing a profitable program. Well-equipped to manage the ebbs and flows, we work hard to take advantage of each sales cycle as we meet your revenue goals. 

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