What is Webcasting? [+How to Start]

Dec 8, 2023 | Media Production

Webcasting is the process of video broadcasting live over the internet. It operates in real-time and allows for active conversations between the webcaster and viewers. Here's how it works.

What is Webcasting

The internet has given us so many great ways to connect with others over the past three decades, from email to virtual communities to video chat. One of the most popular ways to connect today responds to people’s desire for video content and their need to interact.

It's called webcasting, and it could be just the tool your business or organization needs to reach audiences in a new and engaging way.

What is Webcasting?

Webcasting is the process of video broadcasting live over the internet. This technology operates in real-time and allows for dynamic, active conversations between the webcaster and their viewers.

There are three different webcast formats produced most frequently:

  • Social webcasts, where a user or business "goes live" on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or X. The video could be captured from a mobile phone or a computer.
  • Studio webcasts, where high-definition cameras are used to send a live broadcast from a studio, like the one here at Informatics. This setup requires more equipment and technical expertise than a social webcast, but it also produces a higher-end product.
  • Webinars, where a presenter uses a conferencing platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to broadcast live video to viewers, who can respond or ask questions.

In each of these settings, viewers are typically able to respond via chat or comment to the broadcasters in real-time. The best webcastsers use this information to steer and tailor their presentation as it is happening.

Embracing webcasting as a marketing initiative for your company is beneficial in that it is a popular trend, allows for direct communication with your audience, and can portray to your customers that you are a subject matter expert.

Popular Uses for Webcasting

Because webcasts engage audiences vividly with live hosts and interactive opportunities, they can be used for a wide range of marketing, training and corporate communication needs, such as:

  • Educational webcasts and internal applications like training sessions
  • Product introductions
  • Special event webcasts, such as those for company anniversaries or milestones
  • Q&A sessions, especially with high-profile people or subject matter experts
  • Public announcements or press conferences

Many companies use webcasting to generate good will with their customers, by offering up information of value in an exclusive way.

Benefits to Webcasting

We know that video is a big driver of traffic and engagement online, with more than 80% of global internet traffic stemming from video streaming or downloads in 2022, according to Cisco. That's why webcasting has so many potential benefits for brands that add them to their overall marketing mix.

Brands that embrace video are seen as more influential and forward-thinking. By using webcasts to share information, your can show that your company is on top of the game. The power and expanded reach video provides can also help your brand draw in larger audiences, especially those who would be outside your normal business geography. And by providing an interactive, more engaging experience, you can grow your company's value among consumers and generate more brand evangelists over the long-term.

Getting Started with Webcasting

Launching your company's first webcast doesn't have to be daunting. It can be as simple as having your brand representatives produce Facebook Live or Instagram Live videos on the fly. They can talk about new products or answer questions in real-time as they're submitted by viewers.

If your brand needs a more polished look for its webcast, Informatics can help. Our media production solutions provide organizations with cost-effective, high-quality webcasting that helps you reach and reach and engage a wider audience, measure the impact of your communications, and create a positive user experience.

Here is a recent webcast Informatics produced for executive leadership consulting firm The Restoration Project. It was produced live in the Informatics studio with a three-camera setup, and broadcast via YouTube to registered clients. The video can also be watched on-demand on YouTube after the fact:

If you're ready to get started with webcasting, check out our other articles on the topic or reach out to our media team today for a consultation. We can explain your options and help you decide the best way to harness the power of video to reach your customers.

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