3 Smart Ways to Use Facebook Live

Sep 8, 2016 | Social Media

Do you want to add live streaming to your digital marketing strategy? Get inspired with our three ways to use Facebook Live.

3 Smart Ways to Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live, Facebook’s live streaming video feature, allows users to broadcast videos in real time to their followers as well as save those videos for later viewing. Facebook Live rolled out to celebrities in April of 2016 and to all users shortly after. While online video has been a staple for many digital marketers for quite some time now, live streaming is just scraping the surface. Yet, even in its infancy, Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer than regular videos (Facebook)! Do you want to add live streaming to your digital marketing strategy? Get inspired with our three ways to use Facebook Live.

1. Make Big Announcements

Are you rolling out a new product? Did your company acquire another business? Are you moving offices? No matter what you consider to be a ‘big announcement’, share it with your followers! Live streaming allows you to share exciting news with your brand advocates in real-time. This amplifies the hype surrounding your message and makes your followers feel important.

Next time you are getting ready to make a big public announcement, take it straight to Facebook Live. Let your followers know ahead of time when you plan to go live. Encourage your followers to tune in at a specific time to be the first to hear the big announcement.

2. Show Behind the Scenes Action

Whether you are on the set of a photo shoot or filming the assembly line in your warehouse, showing behind the scenes action makes your customers feel included. Inviting them to see the everyday workings of your business will increase their brand loyalty and sense of t​rust.

Three things to keep in mind when shooting behind the scenes:

  • Make sure everyone being filmed is aware that the video is live
  • Ensure that you have permission to film before going live

3. Un-box a New Product

If you just launched a new product, give it the ‘un-boxing’ treatment! Show off the new packaging and the excitement you feel when opening the new product. Give your viewers a quick run-down on all of its new features. If you are a service-based company, find a creative way to show off your new service. For example, a dentist could show how they complete a new teeth whitening procedure or a hair stylist can live stream a new up-do. The possibilities are endless!

If you are ready to get started on Facebook Live, contact Informatics. We would be happy to help you strategize, prepare and execute your live video!

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