3 Reasons Dentists Should Be Blogging Too

Aug 27, 2015 | Content Marketing

Maintaining a blog has many advantages that you just can’t pass up. Here we cover three of the top reasons why your dental practice should be blogging.

Dentistry blogging

Every single day, your current and prospective patients are searching on Google for a “great local dentist” or the “right time to remove wisdom teeth”. Wouldn’t you like to be the dentist that they turn to for this information? With blogging you can be! Maintaining a blog has many advantages that you just can’t pass up. Here we cover three of the top reasons why your dental practice should be blogging.

1) Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search engines. It is achieved through a number of tactics, one being content development. Keeping high-quality, fresh, and relevant content on your website improves your odds of ranking in search engines. One way to keep your content fresh is through maintaining a blog.

When you begin blogging for your dental practice, your first step is to ensure that the blog lives on your website. This way, all of the traffic to the blog will also go to your website. You will also have the opportunity to convert readers and encourage them to move around your site. When writing the blog you will want to incorporate the keywords which you hope to get found for. This will help search engines to find your blog and index it when searchers type in those key terms. If you are looking for a simple way to start improving your SEO today, blogging is the answer.

2) Be Perceived as the Subject Matter Expert

Blogging provides you with the opportunity to show off your expertise in dentistry. By writing well thought out and well-researched blogs and associating your name with them, you are sure to see an uptick in customers. People are always searching for reliable and trustworthy information on the web and you could fill that void.

Maintain an educational blog about dental issues and services that your current and prospective patients can rely on. This will position you as the subject matter expert in your field and will increase their trust in you.

3) Build Relationships with Current Patients

The third advantage that maintaining a blog for your dental practice has is in building stronger relationships with your current patients. Keeping those lines of communication open and encouraging interaction will have a positive effect on the relationship you have with your patients. Without this level of interaction, your patients may be more likely to switch dentists in the case of a move, change in insurance, or recommendation. By blogging you can show what their business means to you and have a higher retention rate in the long-term.

If you are looking for a new digital marketing venture to take on, blogging is your answer. Do you need assistance with setting up or maintaining a blog? Please don’t hesitate to call Informatics.

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