5 Fun Topics Educators Can Blog About

Jun 18, 2015 | Content Marketing

Deciding what to blog about is the most difficult part of blogging. To help you get started, we have come up with five blog topics that will engage the students and meet your goals.

Content Marketing

Deciding what to blog about is the most difficult part of blogging. Coming up with topics that are relevant to your target audience yet further your marketing strategy is a true challenge. As educators, your target audience – students – could be interested in an infinite number of topics. From sports teams, anime, and Broadway, to Shakespeare and Spring Break destinations, it’s almost impossible to find a topic that pleases the masses. But at the end of the day, your marketing strategy is to educate the students and improve the sense of community at the school. To help get started, we have come up with five blog topics that will engage the students and meet your goals.

1. How Social Media Sites Can Help with School

Millennials are social media obsessed! Finding a way to tie together school and social media will score you some major points with the students. While social media (or cell phones for that matter) may be banned during school hours, you can still find some intriguing information about the uses of social media for studying, making new friends, and staying in contact with classmates on projects. For example, you could write a blog post about how a Facebook group could be used to keep a big group project on track. Or you could explore how Twitter could be used to find reliable news sources for a term paper. Be creative!

2. Sporting Event Recaps

Take a fun and relaxing twist on a school blog post by recapping the week’s major sporting event. Offering a play-by-play for the event with player and audience interviews will suck readers in to a journalistic-style post. You could even bring some flare to the post by highlighting the concession stand snacks or presenting the “Top 10 Moments” of the night. Most likely, sporting events are a big deal at your school or University and giving them special treatment will not only attract more people to your blog, it will attract more people to the sporting event as well.

3. Studying Tips

At first, studying tips may sound boring, but if you can discover a fun and unique way to approach them in a blog post, your readers will be so grateful! Study tips directly from teachers will help students to better understand what their teachers expect. Unique headlines like “top 5 foods to eat during a study session” and “ultimate music playlist for studying” are sure to catch readers’ attention. Just discover that unique topic that is of interest to your demographic and find a way to bring it together with studying.

4. Best Books of 2015

If your students are willing to read your blogs, chances are they enjoy reading! Engage them even further by providing a “Best Books” list with books that they can get at your library. You could do several iterations of this by focusing on different genres each time. Even better, you could have the librarian guest blog! Another option would be to ask students to provide their favorite book and compile a list from there. The possibilities are endless!

5. Advice: The Teacher, the Student, and the Parent

Have you ever seen those blog posts where a question is posed and 3 people answer it from different viewpoints (I.e. the expert, the friend, and the mother)? These types of posts are great for getting everyone involved and broaching a handful of different perspectives. Educators can shake up this format by having students submit questions and allowing a teacher, a parent, and a student (peer) to answer. This will help promote a sense of community and camaraderie amongst students, parents, and teachers.

If you weren’t sure where to start before, you should be certain now! Take these 5 blog topic suggestions and add your own twist. Create your editorial calendar, outline your posts, and get to writing! If you need assistance with setting up or maintaining a blog strategy, contact Informatics Inc.

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