How to Make Google Love You: 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips

Jun 2, 2015 | Search Engine Optimization

Understanding the basics of SEO as well as what works and what doesn’t is vital to improving your overall web presence. So to help you get started, we have gathered 5 helpful tips that you can implement today!

5 Search Engine Optimization Tips

Getting on Google’s good side is a full-time job these days, AKA search engine optimization (SEO). Understanding the basics of SEO, as well as what works and what doesn’t, is vital to improving your overall web presence. So to help you get started, we have gathered 5 helpful SEO tips that you can implement today!

5 SEO Tips

1. Identify Your Keywords with an Audience Worksheet

One of the first steps you will need to take in developing your SEO strategy is identifying your targeted keywords. These are the words that you want to get found for online. In order to identify these keywords, we recommend conducting a brainstorming session with stakeholders from your company. To help guide you in this brainstorming session, fill out an audience worksheet. An audience worksheet helps you identify who your key audience members are, what they like, what they search for, and how you can help them along the way.

2. Use Google’s Predictive Search to Create Blog Titles

Blogging is a great way to utilize your targeted keywords and keep your website content fresh and up-to-date. If you’re having trouble with writer’s block and cannot think of useful blog titles, take advantage of Google’s Predictive Search! With Google’s Predictive Search you can type in a keyword or phrase and it will recommend a longer phrase based on popular searches. This offers insight into what others are searching for online.

3. Use Your Keywords as Hashtags on Social Media

Another thing you can do once you have identified your targeted keywords is use them as hashtags on your social media channels. Hashtags are trending topics or keywords signified by the pound symbol (#), and are used to create conversation around and categorize certain topics. If your keyword is “web design”, include “#webdesign” in your next tweet about the top web design trends of the year. People will be searching and following this hashtag and the hope is that they will stumble upon your post!

4. Create, Publish, and Share Infographics for More Links

Link-building is another important aspect of search engine optimization. It is a process that involves increasing the quality and quantity of sites that are linking back to your domain. One way to increase your quantity of inbound links is by creating and sharing original infographics. Infographics are visual displays of data, often used in place of, or to summarize, blogs. Work with a developer or find a free site like to create your own infographics. You can then share your infographic on your social media sites as well as platforms like Slide Share and People love sharing infographics and will be encouraged to share on their own social sites and blogs, therefore linking back to you!

5. Renew Your Domain Name for More Than 1 Year

Search engines take into account the authority of your domain when indexing your site in their search results. This encompasses everything from your web presence and trustworthiness to inbound links and the strength of your domain name. By strength we are referring to how long you have had your domain name registered and how long you plan to keep it. When it is time to renew your domain name, we recommend doing so for more than 1 year. The longer you renew it for, the better you look in Google’s eyes.

We hope you will find these 5 search engine optimization tips helpful as you move forward with your SEO strategy. If you need assistance managing an SEO strategy, contact Informatics.

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