7 Tips to Improve Your Google Shopping Campaign

Sep 2, 2016 | Google Ads

Even if you are an expert at AdWords and SEO, Google Shopping has its own optimization rules.

Improve Google Shopping

Google Shopping, formerly called Product Listing Ads (PLAs), may be managed from the Google AdWords platform, but they are not the same. In some ways you have more control over your ads with Google Shopping since you are bidding on products rather than keywords. With this newfound control, what are different ways you can optimize your results?

1. Focus on title descriptions

This is what most people will see and should include keywords such as brand, style, color, size and product details so that the consumer knows exactly what they will get.

2. Group your best selling products

There are several methods you can use to group and categorize your products such as brand names or new vs. used. Make sure you set your best selling items in one category and designate it at a higher priority.

3. Use your SEO skills on product descriptions

This is a great place to use your keywords, but remember that most customers will only see the first 180 characters. Keep the length between 500-1000 characters and put your most important information first.

4. Don’t break the rules

Google Ads editorial rules still apply to the shopping platform. For example, don’t use BLOCK CAPITALS or gimmicky symbols.

5. Run your feed regularly

Google favors merchants with consistent and clean data. If you can’t run your feed every day, make sure it is run on a regular schedule. Your listing should include only products available online and reflect the current price.

6. Use high quality photos

Make sure you are using high quality photos that are not watermarked. Avoid product images with harsh shadows or distracting backgrounds.

7. Encourage reviews

Both Seller Reviews and Product Reviews can help with consumer confidence. Consider participating in Google’s Trusted Store Certification program.

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