‘Deep Linking’ – What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Nov 10, 2016 | Search Engine Optimization

Congratulations, you just used a deep link to navigate to this page! Find out what deep linking is and why it is important to your online efforts.

Deep Linking for SEO

Deep Linking Defined

The concept is quite simple and very powerful. Your site is set up in a hierarchical structure with the homepage at the top. ‘Deep’ simply refers to a link that navigates to a page under your homepage.

Deep Linking and SEO

Unlike using links to send users to targeted landing pages, deep linking is about search engine optimization (SEO). Internal and external links are one of the most important ranking factors in Google searches. Not only does it benefit your website authority when outside sources link to your site, it also helps with:

1.       Relevancy – One page can’t do everything at once. Deep linking allows you to capitalize on the content that you have throughout your site. Make sure you are using keyword rich anchor text from another page when creating the links.

2.       Visibility – Help search engines see every part of your site. By including more links to other pages within your site, you provide a path for search engines to follow and increase the chances of more of your site being indexed and getting found in searches.

Deep Linking and Mobile apps

The emphasis on deep linking has changed drastically and it is all thanks to mobile markets. More specifically, it’s due to the dramatic increase in mobile commerce driving industry interest in sending customers directly to the content they want to purchase.

The mobile marketplace is dominated by apps that are not built the same way a website is built. Currently there is not a standard structure for building apps, making it more difficult to communicate with each other. Several companies are focused on the way to standardize this language for a better consumer experience. The industry is running to catch up with the mobile market and we should expect to see more from the industry in the coming years.

Stay on top of market trends and All Things Internet®. The Informatics team has the diversity needed to help you use deep linking and app development to help you meet your online goals. Contact us today.

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