Know Your Logo's Language

Nov 29, 2016 | Content Marketing

Do you know how your logo represents your company?

Know Your Logos' Language

Consider this for a moment, as an outsider looking in, if you put your company’s logo on the side of a cardboard box, what would you think was in there? Do you imagine something fragile? Fun? High-Tech? This one symbol must represent an impression that is as strong as the success of your business. There are five different categories that the majority of logos can fall into:

1. Elegant:

This type of logo is very warm and inviting. It has a sense of timelessness to it because of its classy, fashionable style. The format of the logo is generally just the text with only one or two colors within its color scheme.

2. Functional:

The icon of this logo is interpreted on a very literal level. It is oftentimes best suited for companies that are just growing so that consumers can easily associate their logo with their kind of service. In creating a functional logo, it is vital that the typeface of the text flawlessly compliments the style of the icon that is included.

3. Inventive:

A successful logo will always leave a lasting impression. It could even provoke curiosity. Inventive logos are best suited for companies that have a creative eye. They feature an abstract icon that is open for interpretation. These logos are often accompanied by the brand name because it may not be recognized through its icon alone, unless the company is already very well established.

4. Active:

Branding with an active logo includes an emphasis in color. An active logo is one that pops out no matter what surface it is put on. With its number one priority being to attract consumers, it takes advantage of white space and brighter colors make up its color scheme. It is rare to find this type of logo with an icon of any kind because the light font, kerning of letters, and bold color choice is enough to let it stand on its own.

5. Industrial:

Often interpreted as futuristic, this logo represents a modern company working with more high-tech subject matter. The text and icon are often incorporated with each other to create the logo. Sharp lines and angles make up the design of these logos as well. This logo is all about the future and representing a company who is very innovative.

Your company’s logo may not fall into any of these categories but there is one simple rule that all logos must follow: it must be flexible. The design of your logo should be able to stand alone, confident in telling the story of the company it represents. It should be effective on any surface and in any environment. If you need help with your company’s logo, contact us today.

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