Prep for Success – Marketing Measurements that Matter

Jul 29, 2016 | Content Marketing

Keep these simple categories in mind to organize you measurements for a successful marketing campaign.

Prep for Success

Is my message reaching the right audience? Are they interacting with my brand the way I want them to? Am I getting the conversions that I need? It is vital to your success to have reportable measurements in any digital marketing campaign, but the amount of data in today’s digital world could leave your head spinning. These four simple categories will keep you from getting too dizzy as you organize your measurements to report on the success of your campaigns.

Revenue –Many say that everything comes down to sales, yet measuring sales is only completing half the task! If you are paying too much for that sale, you are fighting a losing battle. Even if you don’t have robust reporting through your website, setting up goals on Google Analytics can give you the measurements you need to calculate vital stats like your return on investment and cost to acquire a customer.

Conversion Indicators – You only get the right results if you are reaching the right audience. In a digital world, you can measure rates at which your audience is meeting your goals, but there are other early indicators that will tell you if something needs to change in your marketing. For example, if you have a high bounce rate or low average page views, you might want to try adding some targeted landing pages.

Audience Engagement – In a social environment, engagement is everything! Keep in mind that even if you are not on social, 46% of consumers doing online research for major purchase decisions say that they rely on social media to make those choices. Social Listening Platforms are a great way to pull the engagement and reach measurements you need to show that your good reputation is spurring you forward.

Traffic Generation – The source of your traffic is a vital measurement and there is more data available than just the click through rate. For example, if you are starting a cost per click campaign to increase quote requests, take a look at your traffic sources. Your measurements may tell you before you start that the campaign should target mobile devices successfully saving you both time and money!

If you are getting started or just looking to improve your marketing campaigns, contact Informatics today.

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