What Exactly is an Infographic?

Nov 8, 2016 | Content Marketing

In the modern marketing world infographics are becoming increasingly popular.

What Exactly is an Infographic?

It’s almost Christmas, and so it’s almost that time when you open a box to find 60 different parts neatly packed with a giant textbook of instructions tucked away in the corner. After that is promptly thrown in the garbage because you don’t have a day and a half to read it, you begin assembling the pieces based on the picture on the front of the box. That’s your incomplete but reliable infographic. Infographics have become a popular concept in the world of digital marketing. But why? What exactly is an infographic and when should you use one?

An infographic tells a complete story through the use of both images and text. They present facts and figures that connect with a reader in a way that they understand and can remember. The very best ones take complicated data and break it down in a way that the audience can understand easily. Those directions you just threw away? They would have had a 323% higher chance of being followed had they incorporated illustrations among the instructions. And that’s why infographics are used.

When should you use an infographic?


As an example, Affiliate Marketing can be an arduous process to explain but using an infographic helps the necessary audience to easily understand how it works. According to researchers, when a person sees colorful visuals within a piece of content their willingness to read the text associated is increased by 80%. In the modern marketing world infographics are increasingly popular in social media, websites, blogs, email marketing, as well as press releases. Want your own unique infographics made? Contact us today!

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