Your Interview: 7 Questions We Ask You Before Creating Your Website

Oct 18, 2016 | Inside Informatics

Looking to create a new website or update your current one? Learn the questions web agencies like us ask you before starting the web design process.


You’ve been thrown multiple pitches and finally, you decide on the ideal company to redesign your website. Now the tables turn. It is time for a company like us to interview you in order to get started on the process. You can now prep yourself in advance after getting the inside questions our web agency asks all new clients:

1. What is Your Industry?

Throw us all kinds of words to describe what your industry is like and what it includes. We’ve done research on our end but nothing beats getting the inside perspective of the people who are actually involved in the industry. This is also a chance for us to hone in on repetitive words that could later be used as buzzwords for content writing and potential Google AdWord options.

2. Who Is Your Audience?

We want to know who your current audience members are as well as other potential candidates you would like to reach out and market to. The purpose of a website is to engage the right people. When you can tell us clearly who that audience is then we can create the ideal website that demonstrates the right captivation for that audience.

3. Tell Us What Your Goal Is.

Are you trying to market better by increasing traffic and engaging prospects? Is it all about customer satisfaction by providing better service? Do you need to boost HR by attracting and recruiting new employees? Tell us what you are trying to achieve with this new website that you couldn’t with the old.

4. Who Are Your Competitors?

First tell us who your biggest competitors are and then describe to us why your clients choose you over them. Once we know those details we can create a clear advantage by setting you apart from the rest.

5. What Is Your Budget?

Now it’s time to discuss the elephant in the room. The sooner we have an idea of what your budget is the sooner we can set a clear list of priorities to get the most out of your new website’s design and content.

6. Your Taste In Design.

We have our ideas but we want to know what your aesthetic tastes are first. Keep in mind some key colors, themes, or even images you would like to incorporate in your website. If you have an idea in mind we are open to run with it!

7. What Content Do You Already Have?

By providing us with the content on your current website we can spice it up and get an even better understanding for creating brand new content. Personal photographs of your office, portfolio content, any high-quality media are all features we would love to take advantage of and add to your new site.

If you have answers to these questions and would like to get started on a new website project, contact us today!

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