Essential Marketing Tips for Gen Z Consumers

Apr 8, 2021 | Content Marketing

The Gen Z consumer base is alive and well. Learn these essential advertising tips to better market your business to the future of online users.

A group of Gen Z consumers sitting on a couch

It's been a long time coming, but with a highly active web presence and disposable income, Gen Z has turned into one of the most prominent consumer bases online (watch out Millenials). The biggest surprise of them all - wait for it - they are not very different than us old folks! They browse the web, check their email, and scan through their social media profiles just like you and me. The biggest difference is what appeals to them. Incorporate these tips into your marketing strategy to keep up with the times and your user base. 

Attention Grabbing

Gen Z has seen every trick in the book to try and grab their attention, and they've quickly become accustomed to them. Above all else, time is crucial to them. Your marketing needs to be attention grabbing enough to be worth their time. Remember, they are used to high speed internet, not dial up. This will be a common theme as we move through our additional recommendations. Although it's more difficult to rope in the Gen Z consumer, once you have it, they are in. Put a large focus on your imagery, messaging, and to our next point, video to grab their attention as quickly as possible. 


You know what's also alive and well? YouTube. Most of us grew up on DVDs, VHS tapes, or even laser discs (for some of our older readers). Gen Z has grown up on the web. Digital media is as normalized to them as a Friday night visit to Blockbuster was to us. Not only are they utilizing YouTube for entertainment purposes, but also to learn. "How To" videos, product reviews, tutorials, and online classes make up a large portion of their watch time. This makes the utilization of your video presence even more crucial than ever before.  


Once again, time is a factor. If a Gen Z consumer decides that they are going to visit your physical location or purchase your product, it needs to be an experience. What gives your business that extra wow factor to make them choose you over all of their other options. This is for your team to decide, but it needs to be made clear in your messaging and creative. "This" is why we are the best option for you! 

Micro Influencers  

Much like the "How To" and review videos, Gen Z is looking for recommendations from a trusted source. With a large amount of their free time being spent on social media, YouTube, or Twitch, a common trend is following micro influencers. Although micro influencer's audiences are smaller, they also tend to be more accessible and trusting than your major influencer like movie stars or athletes. Sparking up a partnership with a micro influencer that is closely tied to your industry is a great way to build an audience of trusted followers

Promos & Discounts

Last but not least, Gen Z is always looking for a great deal. Not just a great deal, but an exclusive deal. Something along the lines of "Members Only" or "Just for You". It needs to feel special, something not just anyone on the internet is able to get (FOMO anyone?). It also goes without saying that anything over $0 for shipping is unacceptable. We can all blame Amazon for that one. 

So there you have it, Gen Z is not all that different from every generation before them. What separates them from the rest of the pack is their lifetime experience of high performance technology. Your marketing needs to be more attention grabbing than ever before. Allow video and exciting experiences to speak to your brand identity, micro influencers are more trusted than ever before, and a good deal never hurts.

Looking for new ways to appeal to your Gen Z consumers? Contact the Digital Marketing team at Informatics today! We'll work to put together a strategy that puts your product right in front of their eyes.

Want to learn more about micro-influencers? Watch the short explainer video below, starring Informatics' leading dog, and check out our full Pip's Tips explainer series on YouTube. 

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