Informatics Starfish Update: Building Mirrorbox's Presence

Apr 28, 2022 | Give Back

Informatics is 3 months into a pilot Give Back program with Mirrorbox Theatre. Explore some of the big organic social results from our first campaign.


(Some) results are in!

Three months into our pilot Starfish initiative, our Digital Marketing team finally has its first batch of sharable data for our client, Mirrorbox Theatre.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Infomatics’ Give Back initiative, you can catch up here .

A growing social media presence

If you recall our last blog, we designed a strategy and action plan for the Iowa nonprofit, with a heavy focus on organic social media. It’s important for a local theater company to root itself in an engaged community, so a comprehensive social campaign made sense.

We then launched page likes ads through Facebook aimed at introducing Mirrorbox to more Eastern Iowa residents. While we’re not finished with these campaigns, we’re happy with the growth we’ve seen on their pages so far. That includes:

218 New Followers


Buying likes is easy; developing a natural, relevant following is much more difficult.

Our page likes ads were strategically developed to position Mirrorbox as a “new kind of theatre experience.” We aimed to emphasize the difference between the company’s nuanced approach and mainstream theater offerings, hoping to attract a specific audience interested in experimental and independent arts.

In total, Mirrorbox gained 218 new followers with just two likes campaigns.

333% More Impressions


Comparing the period of November to January (pre ads) to February-April (post ads), we saw impressions skyrocket by more than 300%.

This not only tells us our ads are getting the visibility we want them to, but that more people are being shown our posts, videos, and stories. Growing impressions mean growing awareness about upcoming shows and the Mirrorbox mission in general.

89% Higher Engagement Rate


If organic social media presence were a cake, the engagement rate would be the icing on top. 

Engagements are the likes, comments, shares, and overall intentional interactions users have with your page. When we launched our ad campaigns, we were hoping to attract highly engaged community members who genuinely want to learn more about Mirrorbox.

With an 89% increase in their engagement rate, we’re happy to call it a success. In other words, there’s lots of icing on this cake.

What other marketing tactics are in store?

Even with this growth, we’re far from slowing our roll. Our team is busy launching our second set of ad campaigns for Mirrorbox’s upcoming show, “Private.” 

With the success of the last few page likes campaigns, we’re also setting up more of these ads to expose the theater company to Iowa City residents.

We’ll discuss this upcoming strategy and more in our next blog, so stay tuned!

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