6 Reasons Your Ads are Disapproved or Underperforming

Aug 24, 2017 | Google Ads

You are paying for every click. Make sure you are getting your money's worth.

6 Reasons Your Ads are Disapproved or Underperforming

You are paying for each click, but it in turn pays you. Studies show that 64% of people click through Google AdWords Ads when they are ready to buy items online (Wordstream). No matter what type of campaign you are running in AdWords, there are factors that you want to keep in mind to make sure that your ads are approved and perform well:

Reasons for Disapproval

There are a multitude of reasons that Google disapproves ads, but here are some common reasons. If you have ads that are dissaproved, simply make the adjustments to conform with Google's Advertising policies and resubmit your ad.

  1. Invalid or Inconsistent URL Address
    It is easy to miss when you are copy and pasting addresses to launch a campaign. Google will constantly scan the ads to ensure that root domains for display and destination URLs match and that they are going to valid addresses. Something as simple as typing 'https' vs. 'http' can mean the difference between your ad moving forward or being disapproved.
    You may want to highlight a special deal, but do it with verbiage instead of ALL CAPS and excessive exclamation points!!!!!! It's good practice and will keep your ads running.
  3. Use of Trademark Content in the Ad
    You are free to bid on trademark terms in your keywords, but if you do not have permission from the trademark holder on file with Google, your ads can be disapproved or flagged as 'limited'.

Reasons for Underperforming

Once your ads are approved, the real work begins: making campaigns effective and profitable. You should already have your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) outlined to judge if your ads are on track. Here are a few quick tips to adjusting underperforming ads.

  1. Ad Schedule Misaligned with Goals
    Is your audience looking for your products at the times your ads are showing? Are they trying to call when sales or customer service agents are available to take phone calls? To make your ads more effective, design your schedule to reach your audience at the right time.
  2. Low Quality Score
    The Quality Score is assigned by Google depending on the relevance of your keywords, landing pages, ads and the overall user experience. It affects your rank and cost per click. If you are seeing low quality scores, review your ads to make sure they are a good centerpiece linking your keywords and landing pages.
  3. Ad Rank Too High or Too Low
    It isn't always the most important thing to rank number 1 in all of your auctions, but you want to make sure your ads are seen. To improve your rank, adjust your bids and raise your Quality Scores.

Are you looking for more quick tips or a certified Google Partner to help get the most out of your campaigns? Contact Informatics today and get on the path to optimization.

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