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Aug 3, 2017 | Google Ads

It's been almost 10 years since the last major update. Learn more about what Google AdWords has in store.

Google Adwords

Back in March 2016, Google made the announcement that they would be undertaking a monumental task to reformat the Google AdWords interface. The beta is not available to all accounts yet, but this is a change that will benefit beginners and experts alike. Beginners will enjoy visualizations that simplify data interpretation while experts can save time with the new format.

There will not be any functionality changes and the interface continues to change as they add and improve features, but the UI/UX is already greatly improved! 


The grid format that so many marketers have grown accustomed to has been replaced by a new Overview dashboard with updated trend charts and some new well-displayed gems. 

  1. Biggest changes. This view replaces the need to sort through the old grid columns. It is a quick view that allows you to see the changes in your campaigns, for better or worse in the following categories: conversions, cost, clicks, Impressions, and Views.

  2. Devices. You can still go find the numbers, but Google has made it easier than ever to compare user interaction with your ads in a simple bar chart! We always tout the need to optimize for mobile, and in 2 seconds this chart can be produced to show your team just how important it is by comparing device impression to conversion rates.

  3. Day & Hour. This report used to be buried in the old interface, but it has surfaced and we love it. You can toggle between the Day, Hour, Day & Hour visualizations for various performance indicators. Grab that information and run over to your ad schedule to make bid adjustments so you can optimize your campaigns.

Faster Navigation

Google has made the navigation more dynamic so that if there is a tab that is not relevant, it will not show. For example, when you are only looking at Keywords for your Search Campaigns, the Display/Video Keywords tab will disappear.

Here are just a couple of our favorite areas that are much easier to navigate in the new interface:

Search Terms: Review your ads performance when triggered by actual searches and add new relevant terms.

Opportunities: Get quick, customized tips on different ways to improve your campaigns

Advanced Bid Adjustments: Adjust your bidding based on location, audience, device and nowcertain ad interactions, including calls to your business.

As soon as you see the little blue 'Beta' button pop up in the bottom right hand side of your screen, click it and see what new treasures you can find. If you would like individual training to help you optimize your campaigns, contact Informatics. We are registered Google Partners and will set up custom training with a Google Certified team member.

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