Creating your Brand: Imagery, Voice, and Service

Aug 1, 2019

Your brand must be representative of the best parts of your organization and should accurately represent your company goals and your target audiences.

Branding tells your customers who you are as a company and is a declaration of what your brand stands for. Successful branding communicates the benefits of customers choosing you over your competitors and dictates how your company will be perceived. Your customers and employees should see that your company lives up to what your brand says it stands for. This must be representative of the best parts of your organization and should accurately represent your company goals and your target audiences. Having a cohesive brand image and voice will help you enhance your overall brand presence.


Branding and identity go hand-in-hand. Your brand image is the aesthetic appearance of your brand's core messaging. This includes anything that you can see, touch, taste, smell or hear. This is the main way that consumers interact with and think of your brand. Brand imagery includes logos, web design, social graphics, and more. The imagery that you use should support the overall reputation of your brand and should demonstrate the values of the company. Brand imagery can help elevate your presence within your community through building and creating relationships. The imagery of your brand should speak to your perfect customer and aid in drawing them towards your company. When creating a social media strategy, you should be utilizing channels and creating content that speak to your ideal customer.


Brand voice refers to the uniform selection of words, as well as the attitude and values your brand displays while addressing your audience. It is how a brand conveys its personality to the world at large, meaning how you speak to customers, the tone, and the language you use to communicate. This could include having common responses designated to maintain consistency when you respond across various social channels. It could also mean using a specific style guide when developing web content or writing blogs.  Try to visualize speaking to consumers in a way that seems real and genuine but also remains true to your brand as a whole.


The service of your brand refers to the utility it provides and how it enhances your consumers' daily lives. These can be actions that represent your brand or the customer service that your customers experience. Regardless if your company sells products or services, you will still be providing some sort of service or experience to your customer. The journey the customer takes to buy your products should still be thought of as representing your brand. Many things that you do throughout the community, hosting events, or providing customer care – all can help you promote your brand.

The Digital Marketing team at Informatics can help you create a holistic digital branding campaign that will enhance and elevate your presence with future and previous customers. To learn more, contact us today.  

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