Using Google Search Console to Optimize Your Website

Dec 5, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization

There is a small search engine company named Google. You've probably heard of them. In fact, you might have used them to find this blog.

Google Search Console

One of Google's most prized assets is their heavily-guarded search algorithm, estimated to receive over 500 updates each year. And while Google won't reveal the details of their algorithm, they do provide a variety of free tools that help website owners optimize their sites. Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools, has a treasure trove of features that can guide your web optimization strategy.

Search Queries

If you want more visitors to reach your site, then it's well worth knowing how users are currently getting to you. Once you have identified the terms users are already searching, you can make strategic decisions that maximize the keywords that are successfully driving traffic your direction and target new keywords for focused optimization.

The Search Queries function in Google Search Console also informs site owners which keywords lead to clicks - valuable information if your goal is to increase conversions.

Once this is set up properly, you can integrate it with Google Analytics for additional insights and to see all of your reporting in one place.

Links to Your Site

Any instance of another website linking to your site is called a backlink.

Backlinks are like gold in the eyes of the Google bots that crawl the web for relevant search results. The exception is if you have backlinks from irreputable sites. By checking your backlinks with Google Search Console, you have the opportunity to disavow unwanted links so they don't negatively impact your search rankings.

Crawl Errors

Google will do a comprehensive check of your site for server errors, inaccessible or missing pages, and more. Google's aim is to direct their search users to valuable and relevant websites. This means that sites with broken and missing information are penalized. Avoid the penalty by using Google's Search Console to identify and fix these errors.

Mobile Usability

Google is now 'mobile first.' It is vital that you stay up to date on any errors that may hurt your rankings. This includes tracking all elements that cause problems for mobile users, such as clickable elements being too close together, text being too small, or content being wider than the screen.


Google uses bots, automated web crawlers, to index the web. Sitemaps provide the bots with a guide to sort through the endless flow of digital information. The Sitemap feature in Google Search Console allows you to direct the Google bot to your site. You can then see which pages are included in Google's index.


Google penalizes the search rankings for websites that are infected with malware. This is one of many steps the search engine takes to ensure their users have an optimal experience. Luckily, through Search Console you can give your site a comprehensive scan and identify any intrusions. Fixing these issues will greatly improve your organic search rank.

And the truth is, you don't want your website infected with malware, whether or not it impacts your search rank. The best part of Google Search Console is that they don't just make your site more attractive to Google; they provide recommendations for improving your website's overall appearance and performance.

If you aren't currently using this free resource, we recommend you sign up today. It's particularly easy if you are already using Google Analytics, which we also strongly recommend.

Does it sound a little too complicated? If you're looking to have your website optimized by professionals, the friendly team at Informatics is here to help. Contact us today, for unified solutions to all of your obstacles in business and technology.

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