2021 Digital Marketing Trends

Dec 17, 2020

After a year of ever-changing and competitive digital marketing tactics, what are the key trends your team should be carrying with you as we roll into 2021?


As 2020 comes to an end, it's safe to say that we've all learned a lot. Whether it was how to work more proficiently from home, or how to finally finish that 5000-piece puzzle (maybe that's just me), it's been a year of change and adaptability. Although we can expect many digital marketing tactics to continue to evolve and adjust as we move into 2021, there are a couple that are here to stay. Below are five digital marketing trends you should be aware of to get your updated strategy started off on the right foot. 

Top 5 Trends for 2021

  1. Local Listings - After being stuck inside for the past nine months, priorities when leaving the house changed. Whether it be for groceries or dry cleaning, we've found ourselves wanting to find the nearest locations with the quickest options. Drive thru and pick-up options that were once a convenience became essential. Optimizing your local listings became necessary to your business's success. Whether it be Google, or another search engine, this is a way to not only show your close proximity to a consumer, but also a great way to communicate shopping options and services.
  2. Social Awareness - If 2020 has taught us one thing it's that tone deafness will no longer be tolerated by consumers. With an increased emphasis on social issues and important conversations beginning to take place around the country, your business can no longer ignore what's happening within the world around you. 
  3. Authenticity - Let's be honest, we've all spent a lot of time online shopping the past year. Many have gone the Amazon route, while others chose to shop local. Regardless of your online shopping tactics, one thing has been sure to stand out: authenticity. Without standing in front of the product, holding it, or even testing it out, we find ourselves vigorously reading the product description and browsing the imagery. The brands and businesses that pop of the screen are those who show enthusiasm and authenticity for their products or services. Nothing puts your mind at ease like purchasing from an expert. 
  4. Social Media Engagement - As we've all found ourselves with more free time, this has of course turned into more time spent on social media. Users that were once just scrolling through their feed to find funny memes or pictures of their friends have now found themselves engaging in content they really enjoy, or dislike. Although it's always best to spark positivity, it's just as important to start a conversation. The more engagement your posts receive, the more they will be shown, in turn growing your number of followers.
  5. Virtual Events - Although we all love going to concerts or the movie theater in person, virtual events have paved a way to becoming a fun alternative. Business conferences and gatherings have now turned into webinars. Even if the social component is lost, the information is still there. Not only that, but these events have become much more cost effective. Even businesses of smaller stature are able to put on an event with a large audience for minimal cost. There is no better time to get your brand name out there and prove your expertise than now.  

With 2021 right around the corner, these five digital marketing tactics are a great starting point to help kick off the new year. Remember to keep your local listings optimized, promote yourself on social media, utilize virtual events, and that your online users are more aware of social issues and authenticity than ever. If you would like any assistance with your 2021 strategy, or have questions, be sure to contact the digital marketing experts at Informatics!

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