4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Feb 16, 2017 | Hosting / AWS

Is price everything? Learn what you need to know from a web hosting provider with these 4 questions.

Questions before choosing a web hosting provider

Your online reputation is vital to your business! Before you sign up to host with a company that seems to have the right price, make sure that you are asking the right questions to find a provider that will keep your site healthy and safe!

How will using your service affect my website speeds?

Page loading speeds aren’t just about user impatience, it is about the vitality of your site. Yes, it is true that customers will not wait for slow sites to load, but it also affects conversion rates, user experience, and Google ranking (Lifewire). Check with your prospective company for key factors like load balancing, private fiber, and real-time data availability to minimize your downtime.

What happens if my website goes down?

Noone wants to be in disaster mode, but everyone needs to be prepared for it! Even if the prospective company hasn’t had any experience navigating natural disasters, make sure they are equipped to mitigate and respond to a site disaster. Managed hosting companies should constantly work to protect your site with regular backups, off-site backup storage, 24x7 monitoring, and access to customer support that is not outsourced.

Will my site be secure?

Whether you are running an e-commerce site that processes payments or a website that doesn’t transmit any personal information, the health of your site still affects your business! If you don’t know if you have or need an SSL Certificate, start here. The hosting company should be able to answer your questions and have a system in place to ensure that you stay up to date.

SSL Certificates are only part of the security your site needs. Make sure that the company is proactive in monitoring intrusions and staying up to date on DDoS attacks. Taking robust security measures to keep your site operating securely should be a high priority on their list.

What type of experience do you have?

Changing hosting providers is not something that you will want to do every day, so ask questions that will give you an idea about the company’s ability to provide you with the services you need. For example:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Have they hosted a website similar to mine?
  • Do I have the ability to upgrade my plan if my website changes?
  • Do they have any customer reviews or references that I can check?


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