Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Feb 14, 2017 | Content Marketing

Learn the Simple Starting Points for Designing Social Media Advertisements

Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook is a competitive platform for advertisements. Creating ads that entice your audience can be tricky, but you don’t need to be a design expert to get the most out of your money. Follow these simple tips to increase the success of your ads:

1) Create Consumer Profiles

Different consumers have different needs. Before you even start the creative process of designing an ad, write up a profile for the type of audience you’re trying to target. Think location, gender, profession, and most importantly what problem the consumer can solve by using the product or service that’s advertised. Once you have these outlines established a call to action and design theme will be much clearer.

2) Implement a Call-to-Action

Now that you have a clear vision for who your target consumer will be, take the next step and create an effective call-to-action. Adding a clear call-to-action will improve your conversion rate and decrease cost per conversion. Once a user sees your ad they’ll know exactly what to do when arriving on your landing page.

3) Choose Images Wisely

The competition is high. Your top priority in creating Facebook ads is to entice your audience, and quickly. The image you choose is likely going to be the biggest element in your design. Therefore, it will be the first thing your consumer sees. Pick or create an image that contains a great amount of graphic contrast. Incorporate your text within that contrast to make the added information visually strong as well.

4) Test Out Your Ads

You may have a few key elements but the designs that can be created with them are endless. Try out different copy text with different images and weigh them against either other to see which design performs better. Always test both the design of your ad and its targeting.

5) Stay Consistent

You’ve now tested your ads and figured out which ones work best. Ads that are successful show that users are liking the type of imagery chosen as well as the message that coincides with it. Now use your more successful ads to your advantage and make it easy on yourself by staying consistent through your future designs. Take it one step further and adjust the design of your landing page to relate to your ad so a consumer can easily navigate and know they are in the right spot.

From a designer’s perspective, there’s type of font, choice of text, psychology of color, along with endless other factors that play into a truly successful design. However, these are the simple starting points for a successful trajectory of ads anyone and everyone should keep in mind. If you’re in need of successfully inventive advertisements to promote your company, contact Informatics today!

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