4 Benefits of Google's Performance Max Campaigns

Feb 3, 2022 | Google Ads

Google's Performance Max campaigns are finally here after a long wait. This new ad type can offer up powerful benefits for your search engine marketing efforts—here's four of our favorites.

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You might have heard word spreading about Google's newest ad offering, but do you know why your business should be using it or why it can serve your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy better than what's worked well in the past?

First, let's all get on the same page with Google's Performance Max campaigns:

What is Google Performance Max?

Similar to dynamic ads, Performance Max gives you the ability to launch multimedia ads across all of Google's platforms (YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps) in a single campaign.

According to Google, this ad type can complement your keyword-based search campaigns and boost your ad performance across the search giant's full range of advertising channels and inventory by incorporating graphics and video. Better yet, Google only needs your input on a few ad details before a Performance Max launch, reducing the time and stress required to continually adjust your ads for peak optimization.

This new ad type also offers four key benefits that allow you to get the most out of your paid advertising spend. What are they?

1. Easier Ad Campaign Optimization

Performance Max ads can increase your online leads and conversions by automatically optimizing your budget and bids across all of Google's ad platforms. That means you can increase your campaign goals at a rate that's far more efficient than a generic search campaign.

Simply add your budget, goals and the conversions you'd like to measure, and Google's ad automation technologies will do the rest.

Building blocks

2. Unlocking New Audience Segments

Built with features similar to Google's Smart Shopping and Local campaigns, Performance Max unlocks new audience segments by using the search engine's real-time understanding of consumer's intent, preferences and other behavioral features across all their channels. You can ensure your ads are seen by the right people, exactly when they're looking for products or services like yours.

3. More Substantial Data Insights

As a new addition to GA4's Insights page, Performance Max campaigns can help you better understand how Google's algorithm is handling your campaign. It also gives you the ability to see which audience segments and image combinations are having the most success in reaching users, allowing you to further dial in current and future campaigns.

In addition, GA4's Insights feature keeps you on your toes with search trends and demand forecasts to keep your ad campaign from going stale.

Reviewing insights
Creating an ad

4. More Targeted Creative

By providing your own impactful creative assets and your knowledge of your audience, you can help Google's Performance Max algorithm serve up even better ads to your existing customers while also finding new ones. Within GA4's Combinations report, you can find out which assets performed best when paired together and get ideas for future assets. 

Thanks to Performance Max, your Google Ad campaigns will likely never be the same. When you're ready to start updating your SEM strategygive us a call. Our Digital Marketing team is ready to help you spread the word (and images, and video)!

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