How We Made a One-Take Indoor Drone Video of Our Office

Feb 16, 2023 | Inside Informatics

We've added indoor drone to the Informatics media production toolkit. But first, we demonstrated its capabilities in our own promo video. Here's how:

Drone Video Promo

Last year, we asked ourselves, "How can we highlight our people, while also putting a spotlight on the huge range of services we provide?"

We knew we wanted to create a flagship video to bring it to life, but how could we capture all of our marketing, media and development work in under a minute?

And then it hit us: a way we could use our newest piece of media technology to (literally) take our company to new heights.

Introducing our indoor drone, perfect for capturing your company's space or event.


So how did we pull it off? Here's a few insights into our drone video production process.

Establishing the video concept

As a digital marketing agency offering everything from website design to Google ads, showcasing all our services in a one-minute video felt ... well, impossible.

We also wanted to demonstrate the Informatics process, but we frankly found it hard to condense. Our teams are constantly moving, collaborating, and switching gears to meet our clients' needs. From an outsider, it probably looks like chaos.

But instead of editing things out, we decided to lean into the overwhelming. 

Our Media Production team decided to capture the typical day in our office and explain to our fly-on-the-wall viewers what they're seeing along the way.

Securing the right equipment

Acquiring an outdoor drone years ago was a game-changer for our agency. Since then, we’ve captured eye-catching aerial footage above cities, along roads, and over fields for our clients. It’s resulted in some stunning video, and you should really see it in action.

We knew a drone perspective would perfectly capture our concept and visionbut indoor video is another beast entirely. a To fly over desks and fit through doorways all in one take, we needed a quieter, more compact drone capable of capturing pristine, high-definition video.

After hours of research, we decided the DJI Avata drone seemed more than up for the task. Tech and media nerds can find more info on DJI’s site

Piloting our pilot project

Drone capabilities are much better shown than explained. So, we chose to demonstrate the power of indoor flight right here at Informatics. 

Our media producer fired up the DJI and flew it through the lobby, above workstations, into conference rooms, down the hall, and around the studio, all in one fluid take.

Production was a breeze—we captured clean, professional cuts without all the set up and tear down of multiple cameras. And the most impressive part? We did it in about an hour so our staff didn’t need to clear their schedules. 

In the edit bay, we polished the video off with motion graphics and energetic music.

The result? A video that captures our creativity, positivity and love of technology.

Your business could be next

See our video and want to do something similar? We don’t blame you—it turned out awesome.

While the indoor drone is a unique way to show off your office space in a branding video, here are a few other reasons to take flight indoors: 

  • Showing off a large event such as a conference or fundraiser 
  • Demonstrating a process that requires movement like shooting a basketball 
  • Adding engaging b-roll to an otherwise stagnant video 

In a landscape where video rules marketing, take your production up a notch with Informatics. Our Media Production team is ready to talk ideas.

Ready to elevate your video vision?

Our Media Production team has the tools and expertise you need.

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