The Best Ways to Target Your Audience Online by Age

Jan 3, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization

You can invest in trying the newest trends in marketing, but your money will be wasted if you aren't reaching your audience on the right platforms. Here are our expert tips for online audience targeting.

Best Way to Target Audience

Digital marketing is all about knowing your audience and finding the best online strategies for reaching them. To achieve the best results,  we recommend analyzing their demographics and taking a look at your company's goals for digital marketing campaigns before implementing a strategy.

One demographic you should make sure to take into account is age. You can invest in trying the newest trends in marketing, but your money will be wasted if you aren't reaching your audience on the right platforms. As your trusted digital marketing experts, we have a few tips to get you started on targeting your audience by age.

18-29 and Younger

The youngest consumers are also the most active online. Digital marketing is essential for reaching this audience because they are constantly plugged in. When targeting this age group, you should focus your efforts on:

  • Social media: According to Envision Creative, 90% of 18 to 29 year-olds use social media. This is the age group you are most likely to reach on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Finding success with Millennials requires keeping up with new social media marketing trends.
  • Influencer marketing: Millennials are also very responsive to influencer marketing. Invest in your affiliate marketing program by working with content publishers and social media influencers to grow brand loyalty and increase name recognition.
  • Loyalty programs: Young consumers have grown accustomed to sharing their lives on social media. Consider offering incentives for customers who refer others to your business online. This approach can be a highly effective form of word-of-mouth. Some companies have even created representative programs that offer discounted product for social media promotion.


30 to 60 year-olds are spending the most money in our economy today. However, they tend to value fiscal responsibility. To reach this age group, try:

  • Reviews: 30 to 60 year-olds are known to spend time researching products and services before they purchase them. Review platforms like Yelp are popular with this generation. Ask customers to review your company on Yelp, Facebook and Google to show prospective customers your products are worthwhile. 
  • Affiliate marketing: Generation X is also always searching for the best deal. Affiliate marketing is a great way to reach these consumers, so try partnering with promotional companies like Groupon or Honey if  your goal is to increase sales.
  • Video: This age group responds well to video content, especially when it is informative or educational. If you have never tried creating typography videos, the perfect time to do so is when the goal is to connect with 30 to 60 year-olds. 
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Though they are the least active consumers online, seniors are using the internet more frequently every day. They also have the most disposable income of anyone in the United States. Placement is the key to reaching this audience group. 

  • Email Marketing: Did you know that 94% of 65-year-olds that are online use the internet for email messaging? Email has the highest 60+ age presence of anywhere online. Try experimenting with email campaigns geared toward older consumers to see results. 
  • Facebook Advertising: Social media might not be the first place you would consider for reaching 60+ year-olds; however, this age group is becoming more active on Facebook over time. According to Sprout Social, over 60% of adults 65 and older are on Facebook. Try configuring Facebook carousel ads to end up on the news feeds of this generation. 
  • Online Media Relations: Blue Fountain Media says 70% of seniors use the internet to read the news. Get the attention of older consumers by partnering with online news outlets.

No matter which age group you are marketing toward, the key is to know your audience and their behaviors. For professional help creating a marketing plan to reach your unique audience, contact the Digital Marketing Team at Informatics. Measurable success is just a few clicks away. 

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