How to Market a Nonprofit

Jan 11, 2018 | Content Marketing

Expressing your brand through digital marketing is a great way to reach a new demographic while boosting your organization's online presence.

How to Market a Nonprofit

Nonprofits often struggle with marketing because of the misconception that marketing is only helpful for increasing sales. Unfortunately, these organizations may not realize there are plenty of other reasons to focus on marketing. Expressing your brand through digital marketing is a great way to reach a new demographic while boosting your organization's online presence. 

Why do nonprofits need to be marketed?

The first thing you need to consider is those who may use your services in the future. It is important you market them to the community so they are aware if they need to utilize your services in the future. Marketing research is also one of the best ways to let your donors know where their money is going. For many nonprofits, a large portion of their income comes from donors and grants. Donors are more likely to give when they can see where their money is going, what it is used for and most importantly, how it is helping your cause. This rule of thumb applies to grants, too. For example, if the person reviewing your grant has seen your organization on social media, received your newsletters or other communications, you may have a bit of an upper hand.

How do I market a nonprofit?

Social Media

The most inexpensive option is to use social media to your advantage. Show your viewers what your organization does and stay active. It is important to log in multiple times a week to ensure you are addressing any messages or comments you may have. Start with one social media platform; then, once you feel comfortable and confident, add one or two more! Be sure to use engaging photos and verbiage in your posts. 

Website Design

A website is one of the most important pieces of an organization's marketing plan. Imagine a site where you can showcase what your nonprofit does, your mission, your staff and your footprint in the world as a nonprofit. These are a few ways you can re-vamp your website. It is important to use professional photos and clean artwork on your website to ensure the viewer feels the site is reputable. 


You may also want to start a blog. This is a great tool for organizations to use to promote upcoming events, feature their staff and volunteers, and to simply keep the community updated on what your nonprofit is up to. Consistency is key, so have a scheduled day or days that your blogs are posted weekly or monthly. Make sure comments are enabled on your blog so readers can share feedback. When creating blog content, don't forget to target your audience. Are your primary readers middle-aged, older, or are you focusing on teenagers? All of these things should factor into your content and writing style. 


Start a newsletter! This is another great way to keep donors, community members and the general public updated on what you are doing each month. Make sure to keep these visually pleasing and to the point. MailChimp is a great website to create and distribute e-newsletters and free until you reach 2,000 subscribers. 

Like most companies and organizations, nonprofits have their own unique marketing challenges. For all of your nonprofit's digital marketing needs, contact the experts at Informatics Inc.

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