Spotify Advertising - What It Is & When You Should Consider It

Jan 23, 2020

Spotify advertising has been around for years, but new targeting capabilities have opened the door for businesses to start advertising.


With over 1.15 trillion songs streamed in 2019, music streaming services have never been more popular. Top 40 hits, throwback playlists, and even podcasts can all be streamed at the click of a button. With more than 248 million monthly active users, Spotify has quickly become one of the most popular streaming services. Although advertising opportunities have always been available, updates have provided brands with more robust targeting and wider ad inventory to reach their audience.

For businesses large and small, there is room for everyone to succeed on Spotify. But how do you know if it's right for you? 

What Are My Options?

  • Audio Everywhere - This package is great for business who are just beginning with Spotify advertising. The Audio Everywhere option allows you to reach your audience with a display ad alongside an unskippable audio ad. If you don't have an audio ad already created, Spotify has you covered: they'll record and produce the ad for you at no charge. Just provide a script and Spotify's team takes care of the rest.
  • Sponsored Session - Interested in getting videos in front of your audience? Then this package is for you. Users will be given the option to watch your video in exchange for 30 minutes of ad-free streaming. Your video can't be skipped and only plays when the Spotify app is in-view, meaning your video will have a 100% view rate.
  • Display Overlay - Do you want to take over the whole Spotify app, immersing viewers in your display ad? Plan to utilize a Display Overlay campaign. With this package your display ad is positioned for maximum viewability, appearing over the entire app until a user interacts and clicks out.

Spotify offers many other ad options that are suitable for all types of advertising. Choosing the right package will help position your campaigns for success.

Getting Started

Spotify breaks down their advertising setup process into four categories:

  • Objective - What is the end goal? Whether you're promoting a brand, organization, product, or even your own music, it's important to identify your goal so Spotify can optimize your ad delivery.
  • Audience - Who do you want to hear your ad? From standard demographic targeting to targeting based on music genres, playlists, and other listening habits, you can truly single out your target market. 
  • Creative - What is your message? Be sure to design your ads with your end user in mind. With so much variation in ad types and sizes, designing your ad specifically for the Spotify audience is key.
  • Reporting - How successful was your ad? Within 24 hours you'll gain access to performance data that lets you know how your ad is performing. This information includes clicks, reach, click-through rate (CTR), and more! 

In America, consumers listening to audio streaming services has doubled in the last eight years. Stand apart from your competitors and begin marketing on Spotify today. If you feel that this is a good fit for your business but you're not sure where to start, feel free to reach out to the marketing experts at Informatics today!


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