Website Hosting: What You Need to Know for the Best Experience

Jul 18, 2018 | Hosting / AWS

Are you trying to decide where and with whom you want to host your website, DNS, and email? No matter who you choose, you should keep some of these key features in mind.

Everything You Need to Know About Web Hosting

Are you trying to decide where and with whom you want to host your website, DNS, and email? Choosing between doing it yourself, hiring a large, inexpensive company, or going with a local business can be challenging. No matter who you choose, you should keep some of these key features in mind. And before you read further, make sure you’re acquainted with the 10 terms you have to know about hosting.

Multi-Server Environment

Having your website hosted on multiple servers is beneficial for a couple reasons. If you are consuming more data than one web server can provide, a second server will be necessary. This environment gives you the horsepower you need to keep your site operating at peak capacity. Having more than one server also allows for load balancing, spreading the demand across more than one machine.

Load Balancing

With load balancing, multiple servers distribute the load to ensure that all applications are running at peak capacity. This way you will not see your site slow down due to the bottleneck of a single web server. Additionally, if one server goes down, there will be no noticeable downtime or effect on end. This ensures optimal load time, an important feature for mission-critical websites. Load balancing also protects your site when traffic spikes from other websites on your server. That extra data demand won’t prevent your site from operating, since the information is balanced across multiple servers.

Multiple Geographical Locations

Having servers dispersed across geographical locations also ensures minimal downtime. If a server goes down due to a localized issue, having the other servers in dispersed locations means they won’t be affected. Businesses with all of their servers in one location will be at a disadvantage if a local outage occurs.

24/7 Monitoring

Round-the-clock security and overall site monitoring are absolutely vital services you should seek from a hosting provider. Keeping your most important assets safe from malicious attacks with a security team that offers 24/7 monitoring will ensure that your site is always operational. In the middle of the night, on holidays, and during natural disasters, having a security team that is looking out for your online reputation is a necessity. Your security team should ensure that your site is live, functional, and working as expected at all times.

Informatics’ hosting is not outsourced to another company. It is maintained and supported by experienced local staff . Should you require support, you will not be routed through a phone tree, forced to explain the same issue to multiple people. Instead, the experts responsible for monitoring your site will be the same ones who answer your questions and concerns.

Informatics would love to help protect your online reputation with our reliable hosting services. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us. We look forward to crafting the perfect solution just for your business.

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