What is Quality Digital Marketing?

Jun 29, 2017 | Content Marketing

Our capabilities are endless and constantly changing.

What is Quality Digital Marketing


You’ve heard the term before, but only the experts that show results can tell you exactly what digital marketing entails. You want the specifics? Well, digital marketing is any form of marketing that exists online. That is, quite literally, as specific as we can get. Why? Just like the internet, our capabilities are endless and constantly changing. Below we break down just a few of the many areas we cover.

What We Do:

Affiliate Marketing-

Whether a company has 100 products to sell or 50,000 products, we have proven experience in continuously growing Affiliate marketing networks from their humble beginnings. Our work within an affiliate channel can range from managing relationships with affiliates to developing links/coupons on a weekly basis.

Content Writing-

Business and brand storytelling has changed the way audiences are being persuaded. With our experienced writers, we produce compelling content for websites, blogs, email and more using storytelling and other effective trends. We take the time to conduct extensive research when necessary so that the content we write is gratifying for all intended audiences.   

Email Marketing-

Our customized email generators and experience with clients from diverse industries puts us at a major advantage when it comes to email marketing. Not only do we generate creative emails that increase open and click rates, we also conduct extensive A/B testing and reporting based on performance so that only the tactics proven to work are implemented.

Google AdWords-

Search engine optimization takes time. Fortunately, search engine marketing (i.e. AdWords) can be implemented quickly for immediate results. We often kick off Google AdWords strategies at the same time that we begin SEO efforts so that our clients may see immediate paid results while they wait for their organic rankings to take full effect.

Graphic Design-

Successful marketing includes quality design. Our designers stay up to date on the latest trends and work closely with clients to really understand their unique brand and audience. All aspects of our marketing services include the need for creative design which we resourcefully work to fulfill. In the eyes of our designers, no project can be turned down. Services for design work include affiliate branding, website graphics, social media ads, email templates, video advertisements and much more.

Ongoing Analysis and Reporting-

Digital marketing is an ongoing process that requires continuous analysis and reporting. We utilize Google Analytics as well as a host of additional software to analyze key metrics, provide thorough reports, and adjust strategies as needed.

Search Engine Optimization-

Search engine optimization, or the process of improving your presence online, is a key component of digital marketing that spans all the channels. We conduct thorough keyword research and SEO analysis to determine areas of opportunity. From there, SEO tactics are implemented across your website, blog, social media, email marketing and more. No stone is left unturned.

Social Media-

With today’s digital solutions, social media has become a necessary platform for both advertising and customer service. Our experts develop social media calendars which include newly innovative content that lure current and prospective customers in. Visionary, customized graphics with clear call-to-actions are created on a weekly basis by our graphic designers. In addition to management, we also monitor all social media channels on a daily basis to provide quality customer service on behalf of our clients.

Why Choose Us:

We are a team of innovative thinkers who put fashionable emphasis on the brands we are representing. Our combined knowledge and implementation of the latest digital trends lead to results that show. Interested in learning more? Contact Informatics today. 

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