3 Simple Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Jun 19, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization

Boost your website traffic today with these three simple tips!

Improve Web Traffic

It's all about the website traffic! At least in the world of search engine optimization. If your website traffic numbers are low, there are quite a few steps you can take to improve them. We're going to start with three simple things you can do that will increase your website visits in no time.

1. Link from Facebook

Do you have a Facebook page? By now, most companies do. Facebook is the most popular social media channel for businesses. It is also the most popular social media channel overall, boasting the highest rate of monthly users. This means you have the potential to get a lot of eyes on your Facebook page. Take advantage of this visibility and post something interesting. A fun fact, eye-catching image or special offer will gain your followers' attention. From there, send them to your website with a direct link. Each click on that link will count as a session in your website analytics, effectively boosting overall traffic.

2. Update Your Meta Data

Your Meta Page Titles and Meta Descriptions can go a long way in improving website traffic. These two pieces of code are found on every page of your website and show up in search results. Did you know you can customize these yourself within most content management systems? Take the time to create concise, keyword-rich, user-friendly Meta Data for every page on your website. And keep these tips in mind:

  • Page Titles should not exceed 65 characters
  • Page Descriptions should not exceed 300 characters
  • No two pages should have the same Page Title or Page Description
  • Don't forget to include your keywords

3. Start a Blog

Okay - some people wouldn't call this 'simple' - but we say you just have to get the ball rolling! Take the time to develop a 1-year blog calendar. Start small by developing 1 blog per month and gradually increase frequency as you're able to. Maintaining an on-site blog is great for SEO because it pushes out fresh content, increases keyword usage and gives you something to put on your social media sites. All of these things make blogs great traffic generators! 

Start improving your website traffic today with these helpful tricks. And as always, if you need assistance with your search engine optimization or digital marketing strategy, contact Informatics Inc. 

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