3 Strategies to Keep Your Google Search Ads Relevant

Jun 4, 2020 | Google Ads

Google search trends change frequently as consumer search behavior changes. Incorporating a strategy to make sure you are bidding on trending keywords is crucial to keeping your campaigns relevant.

Google Search Ads

The terms and phrases that customers use to search for products and services are constantly changing. While customers might use a specific phrase to search for your products one week, the next week that phrase could be abandoned for a new term. Because Google Search campaigns are based on specific keywords, it's crucial to stay on top of emerging trends and incorporate those into your campaigns. 

With new search trends developing every day, how can you make sure that your campaigns aren't falling behind? Incorporating these strategies into your campaign optimizations will help keep your ads front and center for your prospective customers!

3 Strategies to Ensure Your Google Search Ads Stay Relevant

1. Monitor Your Search Terms Report

Once you launch a Search campaign, you gain visibility into which keywords are driving the most clicks, conversions, and other metrics. But you also have the ability to see the exact words consumers searched that triggered your ads. If you notice that specific words or phrases start appearing frequently, and they are leading to clicks and other actions, you should consider adding them to your campaign. Monitoring this report frequently will help you stay ahead of the game as new Search trends emerge.

2. Conduct Frequent Keyword Research

When you first created your Search campaign, you likely used Google's Keyword Planner to help decide which keywords to include in your campaign. Revisiting this tool after you've launched your campaigns is a great way to make sure your keywords are still effective and that you aren't missing any frequently searched terms. Add your keywords to the Planner to check if there are new variations of your keywords that you should include. This will also help you evaluate if the keywords you're currently bidding on are still producing the monthly search volume you'd like.

3. Research Your Competitors

Understanding the keywords your competitors bid on can help you either position your campaign differently or help your ads appear ahead of theirs. Tools like SpyFu will show you exactly which keywords your competitors have in their campaigns and provide estimates on the amount of traffic they get from each keyword. If your competitors are seeing web traffic and sales from keywords that you aren't using, you have the opportunity to incorporate those keywords and poach some of their traffic.

Staying on top of new trends and conducting extra research can seem like too much to handle. If you need help managing your existing campaigns, or if you'd like a customized Google Ad strategy for your business, contact the digital marketing experts at Informatics today!

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