4 Things to Know about Link Building for SEO

Mar 6, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization

Link Building is one of the key ingredients in any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Search Engine Optimization Link Building

In the internet industry the buzz phrase is still 'Content is King', but having great content is not the end game. Being found for your great content is. Link Building is one of the key ingredients in any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. It is a ranking factor in Google's algorithms that show that you are an authority with credible information that should not be ignored. Give your SEO a fresh edge by sharpening your skills in these 4 link building areas:

Test Multiple Techniques

When it comes to SEO it is best to leave no stone unturned. Plan your resources carefully to ensure that you are creating a variety of types of content such as infographics, whitepapers, case studies, research articles, webinars, and video. These can be tested and analyzed to see which links produce the best results through the following techniques:

  • Personal Outreach: Social Influencers, Relevant Related Sites, Sponsored/Sponsoring Organizations
  • Public Relations: Press Releases, Interviews, Expert Quote Collections
  • Local Relevant Sites: Directories, Local Organizations, Chamber of Commerce
  • Online Communities: Forums such as Reddit
  • Social Media: Posted Content, Shared Content, Advertised Content

Repurpose Your Content

Creating content is very time intensive, but you can make your efforts stretch farther. Always keep in mind how you can take pieces of your content and reuse them in other mediums and other channels. For example, if you take the time to create a whitepaper, incorporate charts, graphs, quick tips, and infographics that can be sprinkled into your social media calendar. You can also use some of the content in blogs with features to easily share the images on social media to continue linking back to the same content multiple ways.

Focus On Both Audiences

Good SEO has to appeal to two different audiences: Search Engines and People. This is basis for good SEO and good linkbuilding. Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Front load alt text with your primary keywords
  • Research your backlinks to make sure they are relevant

Monitor Your Links

Just as good link building will help your SEO, bad links will harm your efforts. If most of your links are from spammy or otherwise untrustworthy websites you will suffer guilt by association. There is a solution. There are many tools in the market that will pull in a list of links that point to your site. As you come across sites that you do not want to be associated with, you can load the URL or Domain into Google Search Console's Disavow Tool. This will register the link with Google as a link that you do not authorize.

Remember, good SEO is a marathon not a sprint. You may be able to see a spike in traffic come from a good link, but long term steadily growing traffic is the goal. Informatics' team of SEO experts is here to run the race with you! If you are interested in consultation or management of your SEO efforts, contact us today.

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