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Mar 30, 2023 | Inside Informatics

Here's how our status as a HubSpot Solutions Partner can help you onboard and optimize the powerful marketing automation and CRM platform.

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If your business is thinking about moving your sales and marketing operations to HubSpot, great choice!

HubSpot is a powerful marketing and CRM platform that can do amazing things with workflows and customer data. According to the company's latest research, after just one year on the platform, companies report:

  • 129% more inbound leads from form submissions
  • 113% increase in website traffic
  • 36% more deals closed

Of course, like most CRMs, the trick with getting the most out of HubSpot's deep capabilities is configuring it correctly. It's easy to scratch the surface and use a few of HubSpot's functionalities, but you aren't investing big dollars for a few marketing automation tools—you want to transform how your business sells and markets to customers.

What can HubSpot do for your business?

HubSpot brings together marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations software into one cohesive platform, allowing you to provide seamless communications and deeper client relationships across teams.

Some of its most powerful capabilities include:

  • Advanced CRM technology: HubSpot's robust customer relationship management (CRM) system helps your team manage and track contacts, deals, and interactions. They can also use it to gain insights on new prospects as they enter your sales funnel.
  • Comprehensive content management: The platform's integrated CMS allows you to create and optimize your brand's digital content all in one place. It also streamlines content creation and delivery across channels, from websites to email.
  • SEO and content tools: Built-in SEO and content tools help you optimize your content for search engines and create effective content strategies that build your brand.
  • Social media integration: HubSpot offers seamless social media management, allowing you to prioritize interactions and engage with your audience effectively.
  • Real-time analytics and dashboards: Easily visualize and measure your campaign performance with built-in analytics, reports, and customizable dashboards.

HubSpot offers great training and onboarding resources, but unlocking its true potential often requires help from a third-party, especially for businesses with complex workflows or data issues. For many companies, that means working with a HubSpot Solutions Provider (like us).

What is a HubSpot Solutions Partner and do I need one?

HubSpot's partner program was created to provide digital marketing agencies and IT service providers with exclusive resources, from consultants to certifications, that can help their clients succeed on the platform.

As a HubSpot client ourselves, as well as a frequent trainer for our clients, joining the program was a no-brainer for our digital professionals. As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, we can:

1. Make onboarding smoother

Our Digital Marketing experts have invested hundreds of hours learning HubSpot, and have the certifications to prove it. We can help you understand and configure all of the platform's options so all of your sales and marketing efforts are properly connected.

Did we mention we can waive your onboarding fees with HubSpot by working with us? That's a savings of up to $6,000 for you, just for getting help.

2. Answer questions and solve problems faster

Every HubSpot Solutions Partner is paired with a dedicated product consultant and account manager. That gives us direct access to product reps who can help us solve your toughest challenges with integrations, data, workflows, and more. We can get you the accurate, detailed answers you need without forcing you sit in a support queue or do hours of research on your own.

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3. Tailor HubSpot to your exact needs

HubSpot partners are experts at tailoring the platform's features to suit your specific business needs. We can create custom templates, workflows, and integrations to automate tasks within the platform, and help you streamline your marketing and sales processes.

4. Generate ROI over the long-term

HubSpot is a big investment for any company and you understandably want to see results from that spend. We can help your company achieve a better ROI by creating effective marketing and sales strategies for the platform that generate more leads for your business. We can also help you track and analyze your data in HubSpot to measure the success of your efforts and identify more areas for improvement.

Here at Informatics, we’re all in on HubSpot as a CRM and marketing automation solution. If you’re just starting out on your HubSpot journey, or maybe struggling to make a key process work as expected, you might benefit from working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner. That could be us, or another firm--just know you don't have to do all the heavy lifting alone.

Reach out for your no-risk, no-cost consultation with our HubSpot experts—we're ready to help you reach the next level of your business!

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