Strategically Managing Your Brand Voice During a Crisis

May 28, 2020 | Content Marketing

In these difficult times, it's pivotal to keep your brand's voice clear and relevant. Use the following tips to convey appropriate messaging to your consumers.

Brand Voice

The last few months have been, to say the least, challenging. This unprecedented pandemic has caused businesses to rethink their entire marketing and messaging strategy. Now more than ever people are paying close attention to what brands have to say, what their stance is in society, what competitors are doing, and how companies are trying to make the lives of their customers just a little easier.

Although it's impossible to know what the perfect messaging is in a time like this (especially since it seems to evolve day to day), following these three best practices for brand messaging will help keep your company's image strong.

3 Branding Best Practices

  1. Stay True to Your Purpose
    Regardless of the industry, most companies have a goal to turn a profit or increase revenue percentages. But what was your company's original purpose? From product manufacturing to customer service, your main objective was most likely to help people. Whatever that purpose may be for you, now is the time to make it clear to your consumer base that you're not only here but that you're here to help make their lives easier.
  2. Stay Transparent 
    Do what you say and say what you are doing. Business transparency is key during moments like these. People are looking for brands and businesses they can trust. This trust will work to create customer loyalty that will last long past this time of crisis. Make sure you're following through with any messaging that you're putting out right now to keep your brand reliable.
  3. Ensure Your Brand Voice Meets the Moment 
    Sometimes it's not what you're saying, but how you're saying it that's important. It's all about being aware of not only what's currently happening but perception of the current climate. If your brand appears to go tone deaf during people's time of need, it will only serve to cause disdain towards your business. Ensure your messaging always fits within the moment and your surroundings.

It's our goal that these simple, but crucial tips, will help guide your brand's voice during this trying time. From blogs and social posts, to emails and more traditional marketing, always be sure to stick to your purpose, stray transparent, and keep your voice in the moment. If you would like any additional assistance with your company's messaging, contact the marketing specialists at Informatics today. 

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