Breaking Down the Elements of SEO

Sep 12, 2013 | Search Engine Optimization

The second installment of the “What’s in your Online Marketing Toolkit” went out yesterday, breaking down the elements of SEO. Today’s blog will also discuss the elements of SEO, what they are, and how you can use them toward your SEO campaign.

Breaking Down Elements of SEO

The second installment of the "What’s in Your Online Marketing Toolkit?" video series went out yesterday, breaking down the elements of SEO. Today’s blog will also discuss the elements of SEO, what they are, and how you can use them toward your SEO campaign.

What: This is a word that best encompasses what you are searching for. It is used by a search engine in its search for relevant websites.
How: Identify your keywords, the words that people are typing into search engines to find you, and use them in your website content and other content like blogs and social media.

What: This refers to the information, products, services, etc. on your website and elsewhere.
How: Optimize your content by including your keywords, increasing readability and being informational. You should also utilize other forms of content such as…
Blogs: Write educational/informational blogs on various topics as well as your company and be sure to include your keywords.
Social Media: Increase your presence on social media sites with short, visual, and informational updates on your company and your industry. You can always backlink to your website!

What: Any text or image that you can click on to take you to other sites. Other sites can link to your site as well. In addition to external links, internal links can be used within your website to link to other pages.
How: Use links on your site to link to other pages on your site and other companies (not competitors). Utilize local companies, customers, your social media, and industry directories to link to you. The more credible links the better.

What: Analytics include the statistics of: Who (is visiting your site), What (they are doing on your site), Where (they are located geographically), and How (they are getting to your site).
How: Invest in an analytics site like SmarterStats which will allow for easy reporting. Analyzing and interpreting these stats can be difficult but third parties can help, such as Informatics.

What: The code on your website intended for display on a browser page. This also affects the usability, or extent to which it is easy for people to look through your site, and speed, time it takes for pages to load.
How: Work with a knowledgeable web developer who can create HTML with the necessary Meta tags and can format it for easy usability and high speed. Informatics has an experienced web development team.

What: The photo, video, layout, color, font, organization of content, navigation, etc. on your website.
How: Work with an experienced web designer, like Informatics, who knows how to format a site to be visually appealing and meet the needs of customers.

These are 11 of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Increasing your efforts and modifying your current status with each of these elements can help with your SEO. As a full-service web agency, Informatics is available to help with any of these aspects, taking the burden off your shoulders and giving you more time to work on your core competencies.

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