What Is SEO?

Feb 28, 2013 | Search Engine Optimization

A brief overview of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Examining how SEO works with Relevancy and Popularity to improve search results ranking.

What Is SEO?

SEO Definition - 

SEO is a term used to describe the processes or actions taken with the aim of lifting a website’s placement in search results. Given what we know about how search engines work, anything that increases relevance and popularity should also increase search results placement.

Before diving in to search engine optimization it helps if we understand what motivates the search engines themselves. Search engines such as Google and Bing exist for the purpose of presenting their users with the most relevant, accurate list of results based on the search terms that the user entered. In every important way the search user is the engine’s customer, not the website owner and not an advertiser.

If the engine doesn't return relevant, accurate results the user will go elsewhere next time. For example, if the user entered the term ‘dogs’ into a search engine and the results that get returned are all links about ‘gerbils’, well, that would be one user that would choose a different search engine the next time.

To provide their users with the best answers, search engines rank results based on hundreds of mostly secret measurements. Though the exact formula used by Google or Bing isn't known, we do know that many of the measurements can be broken down into two broad categories: relevance and popularity.

There are many tools used in SEO but the goals are the same: to increase a webpage’s relevancy and popularity.

  • One key step in relevancy is to make sure that a website includes content that match the terms searchers would use in order to find the site.
  • Popularity on the other hand is measured by how many other websites, social pages, and hosted articles link into the site.

 If the site has relevant keywords that are properly placed and it has many other sites that link into it then the site will earn a higher placement in search results.

As we have seen, high search results placement goes to the winner of both the relevance and popularity races. Search optimization is the tool that helps our websites focus on relevancy and gain popularity.

Informatics uses SEO as an important tool in helping websites and website owners achieve their goals. Some of the other tools available through Informatics include: Social Media Management, Content Management, Internet Advertising (PPC and Display), and of course applying our award winning knowledge on Web Development and Design. Contact Informatics, Inc. to learn more about how we can get your website off the sidelines and into the game!

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