Using Keyword Research to Your Advantage

Oct 17, 2017 | Search Engine Optimization

Get your recipe right to get the most out of your keyword research.

Keyword Researc

Words are the food that feed all of your online efforts. Words convey how your customers find you with organic searches and also how you find them (oftentimes through paid advertising). As any nutritionist would tell you, the only thing more important than putting food on your table is putting the right food on your table. It takes time, effort and expertise to hone the research and produce the right keywords, so take advantage of this recipe to get the most out of your effort:

Gather the Ingredients

To gather the right ingredients for your keywords, you need to begin with a well planned strategy. This includes your overall strategy so that you know answers to the following questions:

What target audience am I trying to reach?

During what micro-moments do I want to reach my audience?

  • Want-to-know moments
  • Want-to-go moments
  • Want-to-do moments
  • Want-to-buy moments

How does my product fulfill their needs in the above micro-moments?

Combine and Stir Until Smooth

With your strategy in hand, you can now mix together the right combination of organic and paid online marketing keyword research. Using the example of an auto center that wants to increase the number of calls they are receiving to schedule oil changes, let's take a look at some considerations for their keyword research:

  • Long-tail keyword combinations for how often oil should be changed that can be used in blogs such as 'Top 5 Tips for Regular Car Maintenance' (70% of Searches are Long-Tail Keywords).
  • Are customers searching for 'auto shop near me' or 'oil change near me' on mobile devices that could be used in an SEM Call Only Campaign (88% of all "near me" searches are done on mobile)?
  • Competition for 'Where to get an Oil Change in Cedar Rapids' broad search is high and will exceed the budget too quickly but there are not enough search results with an exact match type. What combination of modified broad match and phrase matches will fit the budget and find people searching for this (20-25% of search made every day on Google have never been made before)?

Bake and Serve

After you have settled on the right combination of keywords and implemented them throughout your website, blogs, search ads, and display ads you will need to allow enough time for the results to appear. You need to frequently check and make adjustments to your campaign, but if you judge the effectiveness of a campaign too early and end it, you could be missing out.

It is never too late to get started with a strategic campaign! If you are looking at a website redesign or just updating your marketing strategies, contact Informatics today to learn more about our methods and proven results in digital marketing and All Things Internet!

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