3 Reasons to Incorporate HTML5 Ads into your Display Strategy

Oct 31, 2019

HTML5 display ads are a rich media, responsive display ad that increase brand recall, decrease banner blindness, and help marketers elevate their digital ad strategy.


The new year is right around the corner, which means you're probably developing your new marketing strategy. With so many companies competing for the same customers, it's important to find innovative ways for your ads to stand out. One of the best ways to instantly separate yourself from your competitors is by incorporating HTML5 display ads into your strategy.

What is an HTML5 display ad?

HTML5 display ads are more than your typical display ads. Whereas a typical ad includes one static image with some text, HTML ads can include multiple moving images, videos, animated text, and other motion graphics all in one ad. Incorporating different rich media types in one ad can help you tell a better story, making ad viewers more interested in your product or service. HTML5 ads are also responsive across devices, so you won't have to design ads of different sizes - just one ad will do the trick!

So why will HTML5 ads elevate my digital strategy?

1. HTML5 ads lead to increased engagement

HTML5 ads are much more eye-catching than ads without motion, which helps users engage at a higher rate. According to an Adform study, HTML5 ads have seen as much as a 267% increase in click-through rates when compared to static display ads. When looking specifically at ads on mobile devices, HTML5 ad engagement lasted 36% longer than engagement with static ads. All of this translates to higher brand recall and more people visiting your website.

2. Banner Blindness Is Reduced

How many times have you clicked out of an ad without even registering what you just saw? If you're like most internet users, you do this daily. You're banner blind, and it's becoming a problem for advertisers. Luckily HTML5 ads counter banner blindness. Their motion and graphics are proven to catch and hold users' attention. This increases the chances that someone will remember your ad and follow your call to action.

3. HTML5 Ads are Responsive Across Devices

If you've designed static display images before, you know that it can be time consuming. That's because static images aren't responsive; if you want your ad to appear on both computer and mobile devices, you need to design at least 2 different ad sizes. Not so with HTML5 ads. They are designed to be fully responsive, so you only need to design one ad regardless of how many placements you have in mind. Not only are you boosting your ad engagement, but you're saving time in the process.

HTML5 ads are a great way to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level and to push your creative boundaries. But we know that getting started can be hard. Contact us today to learn about our HTML5 strategies and how we can design engaging, eye-catching ads for you!

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