5 Tips to Keep Your Logo Digital Friendly

Sep 7, 2017 | Content Marketing

What's the best way to be instantly recognized no matter where you go? Your logo!

5 Tips to Keep Your Logo Digital Friendly

What's the best way to be instantly recognized no matter where you go? Your logo! It is the first thing that your customers see and is especially important in the world of digital advertising where your brand can be shown not only on your own site, but in social media feeds and on websites that your customers visit. Take these 5 tips to ensure that your logo is, in fact, digital friendly:

Don't show a blurry logo. Pay close attention to the image's size when you are uploading your logo. It may look high-res in a preview mode, however, images often get compressed once uploaded online. If you cut corners and use an image that is not the right dimensions it can appear blurry, stretched, or distorted.

Stay consistent with your variations. Your logo will need to fit in both vertical and horizontal spaces. There are several variations you can take with stacking or just showing the essential elements, but ensure that it is always consistent and easily recognizable.

Consider the surroundings. When you use your logo on other companies' sites, consider how it will be seen and if there are steps you can take to make it really stand out. For example, many affiliate marketing coupon and loyalty sites have a lot of white space where they display their merchant's logos. If your logo also has a lot of white space, experiment and see if adding a border will help give it a higher contrast compared to the content around it.

Refresh and renew. The digital world moves fast and you need to move faster. Frequently review your logo to make sure it positions your brand as fresh and relevant. Stay updated by researching the latest design trends and how your competitors are promoting their brand.

Don't forget the favicons. A favicon is the 'thumbnail' image that appears at the top of any browser tab next to the websites page title. If you are using a 3rd partly application to create targeted landing pages, make sure to upload this version of your logo to ensure your customers have a consistent brand experience throughout your website.

Your logo is what makes you unique from all your competitors and will continue to be the key to marketing your brand. If you treat it with care, it will certainly pay off in the long run! If you are looking to create a new logo or refresh a loved one, contact Informatics today.

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