How to Use Imagery to Build Your Brand

Aug 21, 2014 | Media Production

This blog will walk you through using imagery to build your brand by selecting images that convey a certain message or concept relating to your brand.

Using Imagery to Build Your Brand

Our previous blog on optimizing images for your website talked about the importance of faces in your images. This blog will walk you through using imagery to build your brand. We’re talking about selecting images that convey a certain message or concept relating to your brand. The end goal is to make an image synonymous with your brand so that when people see it, they immediately think of you.

Find Creative Ways to Depict Your Brand
One thing we know for certain is that people are interested in visual content. However, any old stock photo isn’t enough to keep someone’s attention. You want your web visitors to remember your photos, your design, and your brand, even after they have left your site. Finding creative ways to depict your brand in images will do just that.

Do you remember milk mustaches? What about Michael Jordan sweating orange? Would you recognize a dancing silhouette with headphones?

If milk mustaches made you think of “Got Milk”, Michael Jordan’s orange sweat brought to mind Gatorade, and those dancing silhouettes reminded you of old iPod commercials, then these companies were successful. They were able to depict their brand in a creative way so that anytime you saw these images, even years later, you would know the brand behind them.

Concept is Key
Of course one thing that all of the above examples have in common is that they relate to the brand. Michael Jordan sweating doesn’t automatically make a person think of Gatorade. However, if he is sweating different colors, he appears to be infused with the Gatorade, and sweating it out. Similarly, we see silhouettes everywhere and don’t instantly think of iPods. But a dancing silhouette with an iPod speaks for itself. It is important to remember that concept is key.

Support Your Branding Effort
Overall, your images should support your branding effort. If you want to be known as the most romantic restaurant in the area, you won’t want bright images of families laughing and celebrating. Instead, you will want darker images focused on a loving couple. Make sure that all of your images truly support the message you want to come across.

Here are two examples of companies whose images do just that:

Calacci Construction Company

calacci small.png
Calacci Construction is a company focused on new construction as well as industrial, commercial, or office renovations. Their original images, featuring their own employees, do an amazing job of supporting their branding effort. They want to be recognized as a local construction company that makes you feel like family, and their images do just that.

MedQ small.png
The MedQuarter Regional Medical District is a revitalization partnership committed to promoting a dynamic urban medical community in downtown Cedar Rapids. Their overarching goal is to represent the unique nature and the many benefits of a defined medical district. Their images show happy, healthy people. These images promote the idea that when you stay in the medical district, you can feel safe, happy, and enjoy a normal life.

If you need assistance with choosing or optimizing images for your website, contact Informatics. Also, stay tuned for the next step in optimizing images for the web: Why Professional Photography Matters.

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