10 Features of a Successful Nonprofit Email Design

Mar 11, 2015 | Email Marketing

Does your nonprofit have an email marketing plan? If you don’t have one already, it is time to set up an email marketing strategy and that includes creating the perfect email design.

10 Features of a Successful Nonprofit Email

Does your nonprofit have an email marketing plan? According to the 2014 M&R Benchmark Study, of the $324 million donated online in 2013, nearly 1/3 of it came from email marketing! If you don’t have one already, it is time to set up an email marketing strategy and that includes creating the perfect email design.

1. Clear Purpose

If you don’t know the purpose of your e-blast, then there is no way your recipients will! Identify the purpose before you begin creating the blast, whether it is news about an event or to share your latest blogs.

2. Branded Colors and Logo

Of course you will want your email template to be branded. While there are some great pre-existing templates out there, don’t just pick one because it looks “pretty”. Create or modify a template to include your logo and your colors. Your recipients should know who sent the email from just a glance.

3. Catchy Subject Line

The subject line is one of the most important features of every email. This is your opportunity to grab a reader’s attention and entice them to continue on. If the subject line is too sales-y or just plain boring, you’re sure to see a lower open rate.

4. Compelling Imagery

MailChimp is an example of an email newsletter provider that offers really easy ways to add images. With their drag and drop capabilities, adding images has never been so easy. Include compelling images in each and every e-blast.

5. Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly email is a must. More and more people are checking emails from their mobile devices and if yours isn’t mobile-friendly, it is sure to be deleted.

6. Donate Button

As a nonprofit, donations are most likely one of your most important goals. Implement a donate button into your overall email template design so that each e-blast contains that call to action.

7. Multiple CTAs

Speaking of calls to action (CTAs), your email should have several. If you are calling on volunteers, include a hyperlink within your main content, a button at the top of the page, and another link at the bottom. Don’t let the reader so much as glance at your email without seeing a CTA.

8. Linked Images

For every image that you include in your e-blast, there should be a link. People often click on images (whether on purpose or by accident), and including a link behind the image will help convert them.

9. Scannable Content

Keeping your content short, truncated, and scannable (via bullet points and spot-bolding) will help tremendously. People are spending a lot less time reading things as our attention spans continue to decrease. Make it easy for someone to receive your message by keeping it short.

10. Social Media Icons

If you’re on social media (which you should be), be sure to include your social icons on the e-blast. This will encourage people to follow you and stay engaged over time.

If you need assistance with designing your email template or managing your email marketing, contact Informatics.

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