Professional Associations: 5 Things to Include in Your Next E-Blast

May 14, 2015 | Email Marketing

If you would like your email campaigns to see an expected ROI of 4,000%, read on for 5 things to include in your next e-blast.

Professional Org: 5 Things to Put in an E-Blast

How does your professional association currently keep its members up-to-date on news and trends within the organization? If you said email marketing, then good for you! There was a period of time, a few years back, when people were touting the idea that email was dead. Contrary to popular belief it is still very much alive.

Now with a host of email marketing solutions like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Vertical Response, companies are sending more emails than ever before. And it’s no wonder why with 74% of marketers believing that email produces or will produce ROI in the future (Pardot). In fact, the Direct Marketing Association’s “Power of Direct” report found that the expected ROI of a well-run email campaign is over 4,000%! If you would like your email campaigns to see an expected ROI of 4,000%, read on for 5 things to include in your next e-blast.

5 Things to Include In Your Next E-Blast

1. Social Media Icons

Does your professional association currently have a social media presence? If not, see our last blog: The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Your Professional Association. Once you have established a social media presence, surely you want to see it grow! Email marketing is great for cross-promoting your social sites, allowing you to increase your follower base and improve engagement.

If you do not already have social media icons as part of your email template, we recommend adding them. Most email marketing solutions allow you to drag and drop social media icons for the most popular social media sites. You can add these in the footer, header, or off to the side. It doesn’t matter, as long as you have them!

2. Call to Action Button

What is the point of sending out an email campaign if you aren’t asking your recipients to take some sort of action? For a professional association, this can mean any of the following:

  • Register for an Upcoming Event
  • Submit Feedback about your Experience
  • Visit our Blog

A call to action (CTA) could also be as simple as “Subscribe Now”, “Forward to a Friend”, or “Visit Our Website”! Before you begin developing each e-blast, you should determine this CTA. Incorporate the CTA several times by implementing a large, bright button, linking text, or talking about it within your content.

3. Personalized Introduction

When uploading your email contacts, include a field for their first names. This will allow you to personalize your e-blasts to each particular recipient. Personalization is a great way to engage recipients and make them feel like the email isn’t mass produced (even if it is). Not only will it make your recipients feel special, even if just for a moment, it will also catch their attention when scanning.

4. Enticing Subject Line

The subject line is one of the most important pieces of the e-blast because it is your first (and sometimes only) chance to grab a reader’s attention. You will want to develop a subject line that catches the recipient’s attention and encourages them to open the email. Basic, repetitive subject lines like “May Newsletter” are discouraged because they don’t tell the reader what’s in it for them. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Limit your subject lines to under 50 characters
  • Avoid spammy phrases like “Free” and “Buy Now”
  • A/B test your subject line to find one that will produce the best possible results
  • Don’t lie or exaggerate about what is inside the email

5. “Things to Know” Section

Chances are your organization has important news updates, events, and announcements that members should be aware of. Always including a designated spot in your email for those important announcements will train members to look for them and let them know what is considered a “must-know” item. Going forward, place a small text box on the right-hand side of your email with those most important announcements and expect an increase in open rates!

Don’t overlook email marketing as an important tool. Keep these 5 tips in mind and your professional association is sure to benefit from this digital marketing technique. If you need assistance with designing an email template or creating and managing an email marketing campaign, contact Informatics.

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