What is Podcasting?

Feb 12, 2015 | Media Production

Like webcasts and online video, podcasts offer a modern twist to your digital marketing strategy.

What is Podcasting?

Are you looking for a fun, new way to market your business online? Social Media posts and e-blasts are both great digital marketing techniques; however, doing the same thing for a long time can cause your strategy to get stale. In order to keep things fresh, consider adopting other techniques, such as podcasting. Like webcasts and online video, podcasts offer a modern twist to your digital marketing strategy. We will explain to you exactly what a podcast is and how you can take advantage of this digital marketing technique in 2015.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasting is a digital marketing strategy used by businesses and individuals wishing to reach wider audiences with their message. According to Indiana University, podcasting is a “method of distributing multimedia files (such as audio programs or music videos) over the Internet, using either the RSS or Atom syndication format, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers”. Podcasting got its name from “iPod” and “Broadcasting”.

Basic podcasting allows you to broadcast a live or pre-recorded audio message either as a one-off or in a series. You can also enhance podcasts with slides and/or pictures (University of Hawaii at Hilo). Often times, a user does not have to pay to subscribe. Instead, the user can download the podcast for free as soon as it becomes available and save it on their phone, iPod, or mp3 player to listen to at anytime in the future.

How You Can Utilize Podcasting for Business

If you’re looking to produce a podcast in the near future, consider some of the following:

  • Conduct an Interview

    Invite a client, business partner, industry expert, or other relevant person to participate in an interview. Whether you want to ask a customer how your products have benefitted their company or you want to engage in a discussion with an expert in your industry, the podcast is a perfect way to do so.

  • Elaborate on a difficult concept

    Take a challenging concept or process in your industry and provide an in-depth explanation in your own words. If you’re looking for ideas, check out the FAQ section of your website or re-purpose an old blog topic.

  • Share a story

    From re-capping last week’s conference to sharing a specific story about one of your customers (with their permission), a podcast allows you ample opportunity to paint a picture and share important information with your audience.

  • Answer Your Audience’s Questions

    Ask your audience to submit their frequently asked questions beforehand and answer them on your next podcast. Provide a specific topic to keep them within certain parameters, gather the questions a few days in advance, and write up answers, or an outline for how you will elaborate on each.

If you are interested in creating a podcast in 2015, begin creating your marketing plan now. Contact Informatics today with help producing your next podcast.

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