4 Key Tips for Page Social Media Messaging

Oct 27, 2016 | Social Media

These tips can help you maintain a high level of expertise in monitoring your social media channels, a major part of an ideal marketing strategy.

Page Social Media Messaging

One major trend that is helping bring companies closer to their clients is the ability to directly message their brand through Facebook. Social media monitoring is a major part of an ideal marketing strategy so when it comes to page messaging, a quick and quality response is what will make or break your brand’s reputation. These key tips can help you maintain a high level of expertise in monitoring social media:


Having a quick response time is ideal when it comes to exceeding your clients’ expectations. When they can see that you have a fast response it doesn’t just show that you know your stuff, it will incline them to continue to reach out with their unique questions or comments. This could in turn improve your company’s strategies as more clients open up about what is or isn’t working.


No matter what your response is going to be, always start your reply off with a welcoming greeting. Use their first name within the greeting as well as it will significantly increase the personalization of the conversation. Who really likes to talk to robots? The more it sounds like there is an actual human being on the other end, the better experience your client will have.


Yes, you’re on Facebook, but you’re not chatting with your best friend about her new engagement, so keep it professional. Your client can’t hear your voice or see your expressions so choosing the right words is a top priority when creating a reply. Text can be interpreted in multiple tones so it is always beneficial to say your sentences out loud before hitting that send button to be sure that the right message is being conveyed.


It is likely that a client is messaging your page instead of calling or showing up in person in order to save time, so be timely. They don’t need a paragraph long response to their message. More often than not they will only have one question or comment so be sure to be precise in your answer or simply provide a response acknowledging their given comment.

    • Set Your Response Time
    • Greet Them
    • Your Voice
    • Get to the Point

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